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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nola Knockout Game Attacks With Baseball Bats

Baseball bats are used to attack Esplanade Avenue bicyclists, New Orleans police say

Those who doubt the validity of ( mostly conservative ) Knockout "Game" Attack concerns, should look closely at this latest criminal trend in besieged New Orleans.

Attacking bicyclists with baseball bats for no apparent reason sums up just how profoundly unsafe this and other urban centers have become.

A fractured skull, jaw and damaged teeth, not to mention psychological trauma, are the toll thus far.

This tells me just how targeted we, the law abiding of all colors, have become in cities with too few police and worse, too little personal responsibility.

Do we defend ourselves.. or simply continue getting bashed until we die?!


  1. I'm with you, we're so low on police numbers now (whether or not they help - matter of personal opinion) the bad guys know they can do "whatever" and stand the lowest possible chance of being caught. So, we protect ourselves. (1) Wear a helmet! (2) carry mace, pepper spray, wasp spray (shoots long distances) and keep it close, (3) travel with at least one friend, (4) if it's really late and no friends handy, park that bike and splurge on a cab.

  2. Seeing as how some of these attacks are done in broad daylight, a couple of well placed rounds will do some good. If a few of these "knockout artists" wind up in the hospital or dead, maybe the rest will get the message that their game has worn thin and they should stop it.

    This NEVER started as black on black attacks.
    The knockout game has ALWAYS BEEN BLACK ON WHITE ATTACKS!

    Prove me wrong!!!

    Its purely black on WHITE hate crimes!!!!

    1. @Cypress: Knockout Games have been committed within the post-crack inner city for decades. Long before they started attacking Whites, fellow low income Blacks were the target. Detroit's Batman 300 has been YouTubeing about this, as have others. These thugs don't grant exemptions to other Blacks- if you're law abiding of any color, you're fair game, though there's a definite anti-White bias now which I've always cited.

      THEY are the same demographic driving Black on Black homicide & violence through the ceiling, so how could they spare other Blacks?

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