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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blaming The Correct Whitey: Liberal Whitey!

Blaming Whitey ( a coarse, dated term, by the way ), is a placebo greedily gulped by compulsive complainers among American Blacks.

The object of said blame includes politicians, police, prosecutors, judges, employers, etc., or more broadly, conservatism; the GOP and recently, the Tea Party.

Our compulsive complainers have it half-right or wrong, take your pick!

If all professions and every right-leaning political group overflow with bigots, wouldn't that include those on the Left too, since we've been joined at the hip to them for at least 50 years now?

If blaming Whitey is to have credence, shouldn't liberal Whitey get the lion's share?

Please consider:

Liberal Whitey took our cultural version of Fort Knox, the Black family, and devalued this gold standard until over 70% of our households are fatherless.

They've " defined deviancy down, " to quote late liberal US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynahan to where the leading cause of death for young Black males is homicide, by their own hands.

They've got our women twerking away from matrimony and " brothers " slinging crack to prison, both bopping to a crass Hip Hop beat.

Since embracing Hippie "values " in the 1960s, American Blacks lost most of the cultural capital sustaining us.

Such utter devastation demands blame, first toward those sinking so low and then blaming Whitey, liberal Whitey, comes next!

This coarse, dated term may still have value when used to indict the correct culprits, liberal Whites anxiously undermining us to the nth degree so they become our only hope for secular humanist salvation! 

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