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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gutter Punks: New Orleans Smelly White Privilege

"New Orleans has a gutter punk problem but the mayor feels it's ok 2b White, bad smelling. begging, addicted. drunk & disruptive at rallies"

I sent out this tweet Sunday afternoon about New Orleans mayor's Jim Crow policy of treating these miscreants like royalty despite crime brazenly committed, knowing they won't be punished!
Black voters need to weigh this glaring double standard for various reasons.

Gutter punks are given free reign in New Orleans Central Business District ( CBD ), especially in the fabled French Quarters and along world famous Canal St. 

The same holds true citywide, except for upper income White areas. Low income Black ones have suffered this infestation for years!
They and their dogs sprawl on sidewalks and openly commit numerous municipal ordinance and state law violations:  trespassing in abandoned buildings; panhandling, aggressive panhandling, obstructing the sidewalk, disorderly conduct, simple battery, narcotics crimes and the list stretches toward infinity!
They hijack peaceful protests to threaten people and damage property, all while nearby police pretend not to see it!!!
The same police department, which I support by the way, actively enforcing a French Quarter area juvenile curfew against Black youth who don't stink, pan handle, etc., are told by this mayor not to stop gutter punks from violating the law in plain view???
How can Black voters reelect a mayor who feels gutter punks have smelly White privilege making them untouchable, while actively pursuing young Black pedestrians, all of whom aren't criminals?
Concerned observers tell me Mitch Landrieu calls gutter punks part of the " fabric of our community."

Black fast food workers complain about being called the " N-Word " by gutterpunks ejected from their restaurants- so much for their "activist " con game.

I also can't help noticing how they occupy neutral grounds around town and hold up signs at intersections soliciting money from drivers.

Black men doing the same are told to leave by NOPD and the same applies for Black Muslims selling Final Call newspapers and fruit vendors!  
Memo to every decent, hygienic Black New Orleanian, this double standard is code for, " Gutter punks are better than you Negroes! "
I want one law for all groups, not special treatment for one!
Let's fire Mitch February 1st, so he can have more free time to hang out with gutter punks he values above Black voters he needs to win reelection! 
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  1. Holy Shit!, This is Awesome!
    Thank You!!

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  3. Thank you for writing this article. I am a full time musician, and almost all of my gigs are in downtown New Orleans. I have to deal with these dirty, entitled people and their dirty dogs every single day, and It drives me nuts. This city is completely overrun with them, and probably, as you said, because they are given free rein to do whatever they want and break all kinds of laws in the process. Thanks again for fighting the good fight.