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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ditch Mitch So Cops Stop Leaving New Olreans

I'm told by concerned observers that New Orleans police CAN'T keep folks alive AFTER they're shot!

Credit for such admirable live saving goes to fire fighters, EMTs and hospitals who sadly get to sharpen trauma care skills on a regular basis.

Police can stop shooters or would be shooters should they cross paths and probable cause permit but, in an NOPD morale and man power crisis, there are fewer officers to do this.

Is THIS what the mayor should pat himself on the back over: driving cops away from this department while placing veterans in a trailer not unlike an old South African Bantustan?

Black voters should look at this with enormous alarm since gun violence and homicide erupt from our ranks more than any other demographic.

Less cops and less motivated officers on the New Orleans Police Department equals more Black folks getting shot and dying while the Mayor's campaign commercials provide upbeat background beats to gunfire!

We're more than fodder for photo ops but he's banking on our not seeing through this propaganda!

This mayor needs the Black vote to be reelected and these voters need to realize the city hall-imposed discrimination NOPD officers of all colors experience, assists thugs by reducing the number and morale of officers patrolling this city.

I don't blame Mitch Landrieu for Black criminals.

Nope, that's the fault of these individuals and destructive actions freely chosen. I don't subscribe to the " Remote Control Theory " of crime where a White man behind a tree is responsible for Black gun crime.

I do blame him for driving away officers at record levels and punishing veterans while doing a soft shoe routine to Black voters whose lives hang in the balance.

All I can say is, ditch Mitch, so cops will stay here, otherwise thugs continue controlling our streets!

Unlike him, most New Orleanians don't have police bodyguards protecting them!





  1. Problem is, ditch Mitch and replace him with what? Another Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin type?

    1. Nope. Michael Bagneris