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Saturday, March 30, 2013

GA Black Elected Official Sets New Low

9_Brooks Mug 2


Brunswick, GA city commissioner and mayor pro tem James Henry Brooks should be ashamed of himself for interfering in this extremely hot button murder case.

His bungling reminds me yet again that Black faces in high places don't necessarily mean color blind governance!

Quite the contrary, as we see.

Brooks attempted to assist the prime suspect's mother by advising her not to talk to a police officer who'd approached her.

Memo to Black elected officials: dipping segregation era interposition and nullification in chocolate doesn't make it any less wrong!

This case promises to heighten tensions in ways that will make Blacks who practice racial double standards when it comes to crime rue the day they did so.

Bet on it!

A 13 month old is dead and justice for him and closure for his family should be the only priority- not running interference for a murder suspect and the mother covering for him.

Mr Brooks set a new low with this stunt.

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Friday, March 29, 2013



I've been a police/community relations advocate my entire adult life, despite racial profiling and stone walling experiences from various departments.

Now, I'm in New Orleans facing an agency which seems even more tone deaf to Black anti-crime input than most, which is truly alarming.

While there are NOPD officers I greatly respect, their employer has acted and often still acts in extreme bad faith with the Black community.

So badly that I wonder if it's time to modify my nominal support of " Good Cops- Not Bad Policy! " to a include a more assertive posture.

This assertive posture is summed up in the companion slogan, " NOPD Hates Me? "  and underlines the deep mistrust many Blacks and other citizens feel toward this department's rogues and cover up minded command staff.  

" NOPD Hates Me? ' can include active video taping of officer misconduct and even on site protests of misconduct if necessary. 

I remain a good cop supporter. I bitterly oppose inner city thugs I call, " chocolate Klansmen. "

As a conservative, one of the worst forms of big government are unconstitutional police and supervisors who enable them.

My support of law and order includes the expectation that police do the same. 

But it's only fair to ask, who on the streets and in this department's hierarchy hates citizens who look like me?

NOPD Hates Me? is a page where your concerns about the New Orleans Police Department can be heard. Please visit it!  

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pregnant Lesbians & Other Topics Grand Ma Wouldn't Understand

My maternal grand mother was a retired social studies teacher and traditional American. Each epic downturn away from once unquestioned precepts prompted in depth discussion and shared concern for America's future that strengthen me to this day.

On Wednesday, March 28th, 2013, Jenna Wolfe, a week end host of NBC's " Today Show " made two announcements which would have shocked my late grand ma:

She not only said she was pregnant, but also that she was involved with a female reporter from another network.

I've yet to understand why upper income female homosexuals opt to have children. Lower income ones do so to qualify for public assistance, something unnecessary for a pair of national network reporters.

Grand ma and I would have grappled with the apparent contradiction of a pregnant female couple and extrapolated this development in the Black community, where uniting a moribund heterosexual family unit should be our top priority.  

It hurt having to watch grand ma experience profound disappointment has values fell away in the community and America like layers of an onion.

The Greatest Generation's dubious reward for surviving the Great Depression; World War II;  Jim Crow and the Cold War shouldn't have been a country hell bent on tossing God and traditional values into the ash bin of history.

Everything that makes healthy civilizations seems under successful attack by those anxious to re-create the fall of ancient Rome and Greece on these shores. 

As I attempt to wrap my flexible but appalled mind around the paradox of pregnant lesbians, it's clear this is yet another modern topic grand ma wouldn't have understood.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Republican Mitt Met With The NAACP- Why Cant Democrat Mayor Mitch?

If Republican Mitt Romney could meet with the national NAACP; why can't Democrat Mitch Landrieu meet with the local NAACP about NOPD racial profiling asks Cap Black

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

N-Word Or American?

There comes a time in life when you must tell big, disrespectful government whether you are a " Nigger " or an American ( regardless of color ). 

-NOTE: If my N-Word use offends you, imagine how offensive it is when bureaucrats treat you like one? Sometimes, diplomacy must give way to bluntness... 

Sisters & Brothers of all colors, I'm an American... & I'm NOT the ONLY one! :) 

Happy Terrific Tuesday! 

*This is my Face Book Status today! 

-Cap Black, The Hood Conservative
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A Tale of Two Meetings

A coalition of community stakeholders perilously close to New Orleans racial profiling problem extended an invitation to New Orleans mayor at attend a meeting about it, March 25th 2013, at Christian Unity Church.

The local NAACP branch; Safe Streets. Strong Communities; VOTE; the Peace Keepers and an array of concerned citizens and elected officials met.

Susan Hutson, the Independent Police Monitor and the US Justice Department attorney assigned to the consent decree also attended, a sign not all on high chose to snub this meeting.

The same held true for the District B city council woman and the school board president. 
Predictably, the mayor wasn't one of them. 

He held a competing event at the same time inside another historically Black  church- a nakedly Dixiecrat show of contempt in my and many other's opinions.

Far from a " Hate White folks & the police " fest, it was an often spirited, but reasonable call for real reform and oversight over how the NOPD operates.

At the top of the list was the department's infamous field identification card ( FIC ) database as a civil liberties violation and potential identity fraud source.

Whether a subject's race is documented in these stops was first denied by NOPD, then confirmed after a suit was filed.

A repeated concern was the apparent lack of accountability for command staff who issue directives many feel are racist in nature.  

Both the Independent Police Monitor and the city's Inspector General have stated their grave concerns in writing.

There were also people like Brother Al Mims and myself, part of what  I call the " crime fighting wing " of the Black community. 

Black on Black crime and personal responsibility remain our paramount concern, even in the face of mountainous racial profiling claims.

My view is the mayor has a real problem with Black people who aren't on his pay roll- classic Dixiecrat behavior if ever there was one.

Having anti-crime and police reform initiatives excluding stakeholders closest to these problems  means he isn't serious.

This is my majority Democratic community's latest local slap in the face from a Democrat whose career their vote made possible. 

This tale of two meetings sums up the impasse between New Orleans mayor and the coalition of Black civil rights and anti-crime organizations closest to the problems of urban crime and racial profiling.

That's the way elected Dixiecrats like things: " Negroes "  ( minus a hand picked few ) shut out of our own affairs as if we don't have the capacity to advise them on these matters.     

Local conservatives and libertarians concerned about big government should join forces with the community coalition I'm mentioning  because this impasse is making things worse for everyone!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Poem: Catch 22: Black Men Between Two Enemies

a catch 22.gif

Catch 22:
Chocolate Klansmen
Kill like it's a thrill

Catch 22:
Bad cops delight
Killing us like it's
Divine right

Catch 22:
Good Black men
Caught between
Two enemies:

Will the chocolate Klan
Bad cops
Get me or you?

I don't know about you...
But I FIGHT Catch 22


" I know ALL American men are at risk of the same- it's just that Black ones are currently the MOST at risk! "

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dr Ben Carson Dissed by Toure

No good Black conservative ever goes unharmed, feast your eyes on this video vignette from liberal hatchet man Toure, about Dr. Ben Carson:
Toure repeatedly charged Republicans with " not  caring " about Black folks???  Hmmm, I didn't know I as an American Black needed White people to "care " about me.
Does that mean White Democrats, whose polices destroyed the Black family unit and inflated street thuggery, " cares " more about me?
This is what I call the " Care Gap, " where Black liberals invoke how much more their White folks like Negroes than evil ol White conservatives.
In their eyes, White Democrats are good masters who pull us to their heaving bosoms and provide programs making our miserable lot as children of a lesser god more tolerable.
I would tell Toure where he could shove this type silly reasoning, but I write for rated G audiences.
Suffice it to say, the Care Gap argument rudely deployed against Dr. Ben Carson means the good doctor's tenure as a Black history figure liberals pointed to with pride is over.
Toure's diss ( to use an Old School 80s phrase ) of Dr. Carson means Black liberals have gotten  marching orders to ethnically excommunicate someone they revered a short time ago.
Don't let socialists somewhere in the bowels of the DNC tell you which Black people you can like.  
THAT'S being an Uncle Tom for Democrats and Toure and others should know better.
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

!3 Month Old Toddler Latest Chocolate Klan Victim

NOTE: A member of my informal Chocolate Klan Watch said there are rumors this crime may be a Susan Smith style set up. Time will tell. Chocolate Klansmen's war against the community remains an uncontested reality.   

Watch this video
This cute little fellow was recently shot in the face and allegedly killed by...
Police said suspect De\'Marquise Elkins will be treated as an adult in criminal proceedings.
De'Marquise Elkins ( age 17 ), who the boy's mother said intentionally did this as part of a robbery attempt. 
This nightmare is what happens when those I call chocolate Klansmen decide to lynch the innocent., in this instance, an infant.
Why this happened is torturing decent people all over the world. I'm sure even a few not-so decent ones have been forced to pause by the sheer evil of this action.
Our criminal enabler lobby will rush to gloss over this evil act; anxious to muddy the waters with any other instance to distract from very stark implications:
Two young Black men are accused of trying to rob and shoot this woman, Sherry West.
We can tap dance around this racial dimension or tackle it head on. 
For the well adjusted, it goes without saying that robbing women, especially with infants, is sick.
Afro-centrists always cite the very real atrocities imposed upon us during slavery and the long midnight of Jim Crow.
Does atrocities like losing this baby somehow even the score? 
There's a twisted school of thought in the Black community that mistakenly answers in the affirmative.  
Black folks in Brunswick, GA have the unpleasant experience of wondering why two of their teens would kill a baby.  
Race will be the glue which will cement this town closer together or strengthen barriers dividing it as tensions flare on both sides.
As someone from Savannah, GA this case reminds me of the 2005 murder of Jennifer Ross
and the racial firestorm it stoked. 
Like this case, the suspects were Black and this fact didn't sit well with Savannah's powers-that-be.
I hope Brunswick won't experience such divisiveness and her Black community takes this bull by the horns and tackles its crop of young killers.
Then-Savannah Mayor Otis Johnson had a Black Town Hall Meeting where he " called out " the Port City's majority to account for the chaos in its ranks. 
His predecessor, Mayor Floyd Adams, always set a tone where Savannahians faced this unpleasantness together as a community seeking common safety and civility.

Often, I write about Black America's internal attrition rate. Too often I'm lamenting children whom the Hood has consumed.
But what I'm really writing about are Americans being murdered. As the nation evolves, our only chance rests in seeing ourselves as Americans, seasoned by various ethnic and individual traits.
Disproportionately, murder victims and victimizers come from my community but ultimately, all victims and victimizers  come from my country.
Americans are killing each other and this alone should unite patriots and peace makers from desperate zip codes for one reason above all others:
Thirteen month olds shouldn't be murder victims- evil like this has no place in America!
Cap Black The Hood Conservative
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Darien Long: Urban Safety Scapegoat

Darien Long, Atlanta's famous" Kick A$$ Mall Cop " has been arrested for tackling a trespassing suspect he'd banned from his facility. 
Local police say he couldn't produce a trespassing notice to substantiate his claim. As a Georgian who did thug management there, I know a trespass notice isn't required to ban someone from private property.
Trespass notices are used to summarily order someone's arrest should he return after being issued one by police at the direction of a merchant or his designee.
Hopefully this bogus charge will be dropped. 
Hat tip to internet talk show host Tommy Sotomayor for breaking the story. Here's his sobering commentary ( Warning: Strong Language ):

I wrote this response on his You Tube comment section: " Smells like the local PD is upset a hostage ( American Black who promotes safety rights ) has been gaining fame for fighting the rampant crime they don't seem to notice. MEMO TO LAW ABIDING BLACK FOLKS: SUFFER IN SILENCE & LET CHOCOLATE KLANSMEN TERRORIZE/DISRESPECT/KILL YOU AT WILL! "
Local television coverage of this sad episode includes:
Long's story is one of how American Blacks who dare practice safety rights like other ( read: White ) Americans, stand in marked contrat to the hostage role written by a unlikely, unholy union: chocolate Klansmen ( Black thugs ) and local police who feel we shouldn't oppose them.
This unlikely, unholy union handcuffs law abiding citizens who, were they not Black, wouldn't worry about whether otherwise lawful self-defense acts will be used against them Jim Crow judo style.
Quite a Catch 22.
It shows that we haven't overcome as much as some think.
As a Black male anti crime activist, I know only too well how tight a tight rope I walk when dealing with chocolate Klansmen and law enforcement.
I know I don't get the benefit of the doubt White concerned citizens often take for granted. I'm more likely to be viewed as just another suspect and as such have governed 20 years of private officer and safety rights activities accordingly.
Lest readers think I've gone liberal, far from it! 
This is simply being honest about the double standard American Blacks can face when availing ourselves of the 2nd Amendment; state self-defense and private security statutes.
Police culture hasn't quite arrived at the conclusion that all of in the Hood aren't hoods and thus is prone to lump us all in the same criminal category.  
While Darien Long has numerous White supporters world wide, I can't help but wonder how well received his one-man line of defense has been by elements of the Atlanta Police department- of any color? 
Until American Blacks de-Klan the Hood, it encourages some cops to view all of us as trouble makers, ironically even those trying to stop trouble itself!
Darien Long is an urban safety scapegoat and represents unsung heroes punished for being Americans daring self-defense... while Black!
Cap Black The Hood Conservative
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Human Achievement Hour ( March 27th )

Enjoy March 27th & Inventive Power

Celebrate Human Achievement Hour! 

Human Achievement Hour


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" Celebrating Human Achievement DAILY! "

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Second Amendment: Old School Style

I'm not a New Black Panther. I do have claws but they're equal opportunity instead of being anti-White.
My brief isn't scaring White folks on FOX NEWS or anywhere else by making empty race war threats for national airtime. 
I'm also not like mainstream liberal Black activists, foaming at the mouth over Badge On Black crime  committed infrequently by bad cops, while mum about daily Black on Black crime committed by thugs I un-lovingly label as, chocolate Klansmen. 
I'm all about Urban Safety, i.e. the God-given right of inner city and other urban Americans to secure themselves and property against homegrown insurgents.
It's an old school concept, given the new fervor ( really the same old anti-Black Self Defense Argument ) on disarming urban stakeholders so we make better targets for thugs.
My personal " Urban Safety Act " is voted upon daily by not accepting the vulgarity and violence some wish to make an inner city norm.
I can take the easy way out and blame Mitt Romney; Newt Gingrich and Republicans for what we do to ourselves on a regular basis.
Blaming White conservatives for Black ( liberal inspired ) crime is a comfy cottage industry.
When yet another young Black man is killed, I could wrap a towel around my neck and sell out as " Cap Black, The Gun Control Crusader " and blame fire arms manufacturers for what some Black folks do. 

if I scratch where it doesn't itch hard enough, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg might throw me a couple of dollars like I'm a monkey buck dancing to his civilian disarmament organ grinder.

Urban safety is today's civil right movement, reinforced by a Second Amendment which allows us to defend ourselves like citizens of a Republic, instead of disarmed slaves awaiting abuse.
Please meditate upon this raucous video featuring none other than Atlanta's Darien Long aka Kick A$$ Mall Cop!: 

This is what American Blacks promoting urban safety face daily as professionals and activists, and but for the Second Amendment,  we'd face chocolate Klansmen empty handed.

That's why I'm an old school Second Amendment supporter, because a Klan that looks like me is no less an enemy than one which doesn't!
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative
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My Daily Patriotic Affirmation

Lord, Please Help Me Help America! 

( Daily Affirmation ) 

Photo: Lord, Please Help Me Help America ( Daily Affirmation ) -Cap Black #tcot #teaparty

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