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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jack Cero Called Me Racist

Jack Cero

" Nadra, you are a racist. You are not a conservative, liberal, any of the above. You are a sad racist that uses bad logic to try to propel yourself to some kind of legitimacy and that is what you are known for, and will rightly be remembered for.

All your arguments are tinted by that. And that is why we very subtly offered you the "out"... because i knew you'd take it. 

Feel free to drag this out. You only embarrass yourself. "

Delete Comment

This was a recent Face book post about me by Jack Cero, founder of a creative activist group called the NY Initiative ( Initiative Collective comprise its out-of-town chapters ), with a MOUNT RUSHMORE-sized axe to grind against Seattle's famed creative activist, Phoenix Jones.

After watching this from the side lines for awhile, I offered  this olive branch post entitled, " Take It From An Old School RLSH activist: " 

I was called racist and insulted for daring broach the subject of a truce between Cero and Jones???

Silly me.

In this context, being called racist by Cero must paradoxically mean I'm on the right track:  squashing hate is what I've done for years.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Take It From An Old School RLSH Activist

Phoenix Jones

I'm very happy " real life superheroes ( RLSH or insert:  X ALTS; Initiative; Masked Adventurers ) have made it to the network news; HBO and GQ magazine.

It's a dream come true for someone who did this stuff stealth mode in various professions before encountering the community in 2008.

What ISN'T dream-like is on-going, viral drama since the advent of our community's best known former member, Phoenix Jones.

I knew a bounty hunter in my hometown who was the profession's most high profile, high octane member. 

His fights; fugitive captures ( including one re-created for Americas Most Wanted ) and rocky relationship with the police were legendary. I worked with him sporadically and butted heads upon spectacular occasions.

I know what it's like to have someone capture popular attention. Over 20 years doing this stuff has had me witness this numerous times.

Phoenix isn't like the bounty hunter I mentioned because he does adhere to the rule of law. The bounty hunter would do anything to get his man or vehicle ( he also REPOed  ) and was often wilder than the fugitives he sought.

Seattle has become a real life Gotham City with PJ and his Rain City Superhero Movement cast along the lines of an actual Night Wing and Night Wing Family.

That's alot for some creative activists to swallow. I watch with interest as Jones evolved a support network; protocols and other features necessary for a big public masked adventurer operation.

The Initiative is the other large scale " full contact " ( physically stop suspects )  group of this sort. 

They, like me, do most of their work plain clothed.

Unlike me, they limit themselves to not directly working with protest organizers and avoiding politics all together.

Or at least conservative politics but that's another story.
I pre-date Phoenix Jones; RCSM and the Initiative by decades. When I started, Curtis Sliwa and his Guardian Angels or the Nation of Islam's Dope Busters were the closest thing to RLSH/XALTS/Initiative/Masked Adventurers.

I didn't use a RLSH name until 2008, but have been doing this type of activism for over 20 years. 

RLSH like the retired Citizen Prime; Superhero and Geist inspired me. My work with local police and community groups served me well when I began calling myself, " Cap Black. "  
Citizen Prime

Like these activists, Ive always built coalitions between the establishment and the grassroots whenever possible.  

I like the tactical visions of PJ/RCSM and the Initiative. but it seems they find little to like about each other.

I don't like the back biting and threat allegations I've heard bandied about. Doing creative good in bigger and better ways is supposed to be our goal: not nit picking and super team set tripping.

Micro managing how one team does patrolling or rules of engagement past a certain point looks like nit picking. 

Identifying legitimate error, however, isn't nit picking, don't get me wrong. 

Beefing with each other is.

Take it from an old school RLSH, or citizen on patrol as Ive always called myself, the Rain City Superhero Movement and the Initiative don't have to waste time playing king of the hill.

America is big enough to accommodate both approaches with plenty of room left over.

Why not call a truce?

Or, dare I say it, actually team up one day, after working out your differences privately; in person and off line.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

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Liberation Means Making Peace With America

New Black Panther Party

There are alot of cultural cliches American Blacks must navigate.

One, the one I specialize in as a matter of fact, is escaping the cliche where we somehow obligated to be " professionally angry " at White people ad infinitum.

My " Making Peace With America " emphasis addresses this unpleasant reality head-on. I note for community critics sake, that Making Peace With America isn't synonymous with making excuses for her shortcomings.

My activism includes copious complaints against Whites I or others alleged were racially biased. These complaints involved both the public and private sectors.

But, filing complaints against one group of people can't be the extent of ones relations with other Americans. 

Common traditional values and an inclusive grassroots conservative culture has expanded my Make Peace With America coalition beyond anything professionally angry Black liberals could fathom.  

I chuckle when these leftists accuse me of ignoring racism. The record speaks loudly to the contrary- plus I also address liberal racism too, which they don't like.

One of myriad forks in the road from progressives is my conclusion that being perpetually peeved is a poor substitute for acknowledging nigh miraculous progress in some areas and coalition building with like minded souls who happen to be wrapped in different packaging.

Peace. making it and keeping it, constitutes the one ingredient the absence of which no civilization can withstand. 

Black culture, especially its lower income end, is awash in societal noise: gunfire; raised voices; loud music and sirens blaring drown out contemplation and serenity.

Extending this deficit to the outside community means a combative posture where crime and rudeness are considered today's sad equivalent of civil rights activism.

Those who've yet to make peace with America content themselves to blame White Conservatives for all our ills.

Not all progressives fall in this category.

One progressive spokesman I think who has made peace with America is Dr. Cornel West, a Democratic Socialist who unfailingly calls everyone, " brother " and "sister, "  opponents Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck included.

His liberal supporters ought to note this as they fume on camera at yet another " Blame Whitey! " press conference.

Absent staging an armed coup, being professionally angry is a poor substitute for effective problem solving. It sells tickets; books and videos, but accomplishes nothing!

Making Peace With America for me means operating as an individual free of the limitations of a captive past.

As such, I take Americans ( color irrelevant ) on a case-by-case basis as individuals, instead of tentacles from some collective.

it also means I don't pull to my proverbial bosom human vipers I call chocolate Klansmen ( urban thugs ); sun tanned socialists ( Black liberal mouth pieces; in office & out ) and other enemies because of ethnicity.

Black liberals who run the phrase, " Black liberation " into the ground should realize, liberation in its truest  form means making peace with America.   

If Congressman John Lewis, a liberal icon who was savagely beaten by police throughout his 1960s civil rights career, can make peace with America, what's younger Blacks excuse today?

Absent peace, our community and the country surrounding it falls from within. 

That doesn't seem very liberating to me.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Speaker of the House John Boehner: BAN GOONS- NOT GUNS!
Attn: Speaker of the House John Boehner
” Felons with guns and felonious fire arms use are the problem, NOT law abiding, private gun ownership. “
Created By:
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Looking For Captain Nazi

Captain Nazi
Liberal Blacks assume behind every conservative White face lurks a racist engine of destruction like DC Comics Captain Nazi character.

They conveniently exclude White liberals who've guided them downward like prisoners of war for generations.

Exclusively looking for Captain Nazi means overlooking the war against American Blacks waged by other American Blacks.

Lone chocolate Klansmen; loosely organized small boy units and united multi-state hell raisers like the Crips; Bloods and other gangs do Captain Nazi's job for him.

Even if you toss in police shootings, our attrition rate is still mostly internal.

I was just notified someone I know was murdered. We can look up in the sky for Captain Nazi fleeing the scene, or look for suspects much closer to home.

The Black woman in question  was allegedly killed by another Black person. Whether this was intentional or collateral damage remains to be seen.

I can run to our local NAACP; SCLC and Black Christian pastors to suggest an anti-crime protest, but would only have the idea, pun intended, shot down.

They're on eternal sky watch for Captain Nazi, content to ignore daily Black homicides until the rare one arrives where a White suspect ( usually a police officer ) can be labeled the latest Captain Nazi.

For Black liberals, our murders only matter when committed by the " good " Captain. His evil is the only evil their rose colored glasses detect.

They won't admit that our community is teeming with real life villains who put the occasional Captain Nazi to shame.

This spell is so complete that they don't even want President Obama,their tribal chieftain, to comment on our murder rate for fear it'll embarrass him.

The First Lady recently attended the funeral of a Chicago teen gunned down after she performed at Obama's second inauguration- after much public pressure and an online White House petition.

This tragic indifference reaches the highest levels of Black liberal ranks.

The number one public safety threat facing American Blacks isn't White conservative rage I've labelled Captain Nazi.

Super villains killing our people don't often look like Aryan science projects. They look like us in too many cases and none on the Black Left dare utter this fact.

I know Captain Nazi exists.

I also know he has to take a number behind an endless procession of chocolate Klansmen eager to do his job. 

Looking for Captain Nazi obviously has a better benefits package for spokesmen and politicians than looking at the blood sport before their very eyes.  

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We Need More Americans Like Chesty Puller!

Lewis "Chesty" Puller as Major General

Our trying times demand heroes. By heroes, I don't mean folks in costumes, though some Americans I know are doing just that.

The heroes I mean are " values heroes, ' people propelled by civic and spiritual virtues to new heights against greater odds.

USMC Lt. General Lewis Burwell " Chesty" Puller is such a hero. His story inspires generations of Marines and does the same for grateful civilians too.

He earned the Navy Cross, America's second highest decoration for combat valor, a staggering five times over his career.

He's also a recipient of the Army's Distinguished Service Cross, their second highest valor decoration,  for leadership under famed General Douglas MacArthur, during the Korean conflict.

Puller is beloved for always working to improve quality of life for enlisted personnel. This egalitarianism resonates with advocates for workers and those trying to free markets from restrictions so more Americans can enrich themselves.

Chesty Puller represents the kind of larger-than life potential our culture stirs in citizens who seize opportunities, instead of hoping they appear by osmosis.

In celebrating him, we celebrate the dogged, courageous best within Americans who face incredible odds by remembering they are even more incredible!

The more values heroes we have like Chesty Puller, the better tomorrow's headlines will read.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

When The Tea ( Party ) Is Too Sweet! Talk












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Alec Baldwin Uses " C- Word "

Liberal heat throb Alec Baldwin allegedly had a world class Dem Crow attack where he recently called a Black New York Post photographer, among other things, a " coon ."

As if drug dealer  and crack head weren't enough to call an American Black who's also a retired NYPD officer? 

Alec Baldwin sued the " C-Word! " Will Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus ignore daily urban fratricide to banish him from Hollyweird liberaldom? 

Not likely.

It warms my heart to see a high profile member of the so-called " party of the little man " show just how little he always thought of the little man.  

If true, don't expect the pigmentary politburo ruling my figurative side of town ( Black America ) to fall over themselves chastising him.

That's reserved for the likes of Glenn Beck; Rush Limbaugh and other conservative White men whom liberals of all colors feel are America's only racists.

I wonder what Baldwin's lame excuse will be for this tirade, while worried millions of dollars may possibly slip through his fingers?


Demonic possession?



At day's end ( and I could be grievously wrong ), nothing will happen because he's an Hollyweird Democrat and the mainstream media would have to demonstrate rare integrity to  punish him on the merits of this allegation.

We'll see. 

If he did deploy the " C-Word," he quoted from the old school Democrat handbook on what to call Black folks.

Way to go, Alec!

To quote a civil rights activist, Jesse Jackson, who may be allowed to address this case, " Keep Hope Alive! "

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Conservative Real Life Superheroes ( RLSH )

a hoa.jpg

Emblem for our " Heroes of America "
Face Book page

America's comic book art form has inspired citizens to perform good deeds and even stop crime in progress.

It draws its appeal from biblical and classical lessons from Antiquity, updated for modern audiences hungry for heroes in these uncertain times.

" Real life superheroes ( RLSH ) " is what the MSM calls us. Yes, I said. "us. " I'm not only Cap Black online, it's who am on the streets too.

Since 2008, I took my various creative patriot activities and placed them under one superhero-inspired real life user name, " Cap Black. "

RLSH at that time were a great group of guys who encouraged each other to do more and better creative good.

As years went on, I noted many of them were politically left of center, but still supporters of private solutions to public problems.

I wish they'd pass this DIY ethic along to the Democrat Party! 

 I added, " The Hood Conservative " to my Cap Black user name to underscore the cultural crisis I faced as a creative patriot in the Hood.

Liberalism is the super villain faced in these ugly zip codes. Thugs I call chocolate Klansmen; drugs; low morals and squalor are all this ideological poison mass produces.

Progressive RLSH can't quite bring themselves to make this connection, despite regular humanitarian visits to these areas.

As an openly conservative RLSH, I've encountered more than a few masked Marxists who were once bosom buddies.

Like more conventional communities, liberals here are opened minded and welcoming UNTIL you state you're ( gasp! ) conservative or Republican.

Then the rumor mill starts churning and imagined wrongs are trumped up to unsuccessfully smear said conservative.

But as a square as I am, each attempt resulted in an epic fail!  
Another creative patriot is my partner in our Heroes of America Face Book page. He's the one and only: Justin Tyme: The Red Neck Superman! 

He promotes patriotism; being a born again Christian; supporting police and the military. He's also an excellent online graphic designer which comes in handy for our Heroes of America Face Book page, where we creatively support conservatism without apology. 

Justin Tyme of Miller South Dakota is his personal Face Book page. Mine is, Cap Black The Hood Conservative.

Only in America could two guys named Cap Black, The Hood Conservative and Justin Tyme, The Redneck Superman, unite!

That's the power of traditional values!  They bring individuals together where lesser ideals drive them apart. 

Conservative and libertarian RLSH activists favorably respond to my political posts and we've formed a center Right network to represent views not usually heard from the liberal RLSH mainstream.

Conventional conservatives probably aren't surprised by this double standard. They're used to being snubbed at work or even by relatives for the " sin " of not being Democrats.

Why should " super " liberals be any more ideologically inclusive? Liberal is liberal, regardless of what one calls oneself or how one dresses.

One irony is how this progressive group reacts to yet another liberal: the two-fisted phenom called Phoenix Jones, hailing from the progressive stronghold of Seattle, Washington.    

While sharing the same progressivism, many liberal RLSH nonetheless trip over themselves denouncing his brashness; PR flair and the fact that, as a mixed martial artist, he's literally able to fight crime!

I've done lawful citizens arrests and broken up more public brawls than I can count. This is also a mainstay of less colorful groups like the Guardian Angels and the overall citizens on patrol concept, which usually stresses not getting physically involved. 

I've questioned Jones tactics myself and even heard disturbing back stories from RLSH he allegedly threatened. My mind is still open because this form of activism just burst upon the scene and so much remains to be understood- even by those doing it.

He, like any of us private citizens, can be held personally liable should we be accused of crossing the line. Phoenix Jones and other RLSH have had this unpleasant experience. 

What Jones' creative critics don't realize is certain outsiders, especially from my community, might just dismiss all the uproar as," They're just mad they were upstaged by a Black guy! " 

I'd hate to see such a liberal group smeared by the " R-Word ( racist ), " the way conservatives, even me, the NAACP life member no less ( LOL ), are by their side of the aisle. 

Conservative " real life superhero " activists are part of the overall traditionalist community who see Obama's two terms as a threat far worse than Marvel's Dr. Doom or DC Comic's Joker.

Conservative " real life superheroes, " like conventional ones, realize the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian ethic are what make America a "super" place to live.

Liberals, "super" and otherwise, often miss that point.

*' Canal St Superhero " is a documentary about me done by Dr. Jonathan Gayles of Georgia State University:

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Independent Police Monitor Solution

IPM Logo

If there's a glimmer of light for liberty lovers in the wake of the Christopher Dorner tragedy, it's this: strong Independent police monitors ( IPM ) are a safeguard against discontent which can undermine delivery of justice.

Civilian oversight of law enforcement is often opposed by police unions; internal affairs units and citizens who are law and order advocates.

While murder is always an unacceptable response for dis-satisfaction with departmental disciplinary hearing results, an outside IPM investigation is a solution more municipalities should welcome.

The flip side of IPM exposing bad cops is exonerating good ones. Civilian oversight isn't a police officer " witch hunt, " as critics charge.

LAPD has re-opened Mr. Dorner's case and New Orleans should note our present Independent Police Monitor, Susan Hutson, came from LA.

The Crescent City has the expertise of an expert attorney who helped provide civilian oversight at one of America's most troubled, complex police agencies.

Empowering the independent police monitor solution may be the missing key in silencing cries of  cover up, made by citizens and ex-officers alike.

Liberty lovers should add this new chant to our arsenal:

" We Can't Win Without A Strong IPM! "

Support the independent police monitor solution!

Mr. Nadra Enzi ( Cap Black, the Hood Conservative )
Good Citizens Supporting Good Cops!
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Racism Doesnt License Rampages: My Face Book Manifesto

Since Black male Face Book manifestos are all the rage lately, here's mine, posted Tuesday, Feb 12th, 2013 :
Just because I think some White folks mistreat me, doesn't grant me a hunting license to run around like a chocolate Klansmen stalking people like the classic version.
Liberals would tell me I have every right to rampage against racism, so long as I dont do so against them. LOL
Playing barbarian at the gate against police; banks and other conservative institutions is better than X BOX for them.
There are only three empty roles the Left offers Black men: rampager ( as Christopher Dorner is alleged to be ); recipient of Demo-crack addiction in the form of social services or reflection; an empty suit repeating their doctrine.
Growing up in a town ( Savannah GA ) with a surplus of reddened necks in my youth, I knew I couldn't sink to being the Black version of such mindless bigotry.
Committing crime gift wraps Black men and presents them to America's bigots, who triumphantly trumpet, " See I told you so! They're animals! "
The same liberals cheering on Black criminals are themselves not incarcerated nor under state supervision.
They sit safely at home or in academia, far removed from your misdeeds.
My message to Brothers my color and Brothers who are aren't is:
The second you go " Klansman " in response to perceived bias, you just obscured your cause behind the crime!
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Christopher Dorner Isnt Malcolm X 2.0

Like many American Blacks, the late El Hajj Malik Shabazz ( here after Malcolm X ) made an impression upon me.

It's through the lens of this impression that I now view the Christopher Dorner case. 

Surprisingly to some, Dorner enjoys an active fan base of otherwise opposed progressives and constitutionalists who mutually mistrust police, especially LAPD.

I could make the obligatory anti-LAPD statement, but suffice it to say I too find them heavy handed, but also recognize the hyper violent opposition they face.

When poor people of all colors run wild in the streets, they prompt creation of municipal armies like this department to combat them.

Critics of his day ( and now ) accused Malcolm X of being a racist and proponent of violence. 

To his credit he always preached restraint and obeying the law, including using self-defense statutes- a stance, along with his White liberal critique, which endears him to numerous modern conservatives.

His quote, " I don't even call it violence when it's in self-defense; I cal it intelligence " could have been made by current conservative state legislators while drafting " Stand Your Ground " laws.

Unlike Malcolm X, Dorner chose as his first two victims folks un-involved in his LAPD grievance. He allegedly gunned down an unarmed woman and man, not quite a Malcolm X move.  

The silence from Dorner's groupies is deafening over this gruesome issue. Condoning private brutality like this to oppose police brutality places them in the same league as Rodney King's tormentors and the uniformed drug dealing assassins of the Rampart Division scandal.

Even the police officers he shot ( one of whom died ) played no role in his termination from the department.

LAPD's brutality and corruption are used to cloak a private variety as extra-legal retaliation. 

Yet another non-Malcolm X stance.

His White liberal supporters must grin and bear it in the face of statements like this from his famous lecture, " God's Judgement of White America, " better known as, " The Chickens Come Home To Roost " speech:

The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro's friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political "football game" that is constantly raging between the white liberals and white conservatives.  "

This December 4, 1963 presentation prompted the late Elijah Muhammad to suspend him from the Nation of Islam for describing the Kennedy assassination, " as chickens coming home to roost. "

It also led to his leaving Black separatism for a more inclusive nationalism where he worked with anyone interested in human rights reform.

This included socialists and alarmed the US government to no small end as the heads of Soviet client states welcomed him with open arms overseas.

Compared to the support Dorner's manifesto lavishes upon progressive policy like an assault weapons ban ( look at the above photo to guess Malcolm X position ); liberal politicians and news casters, amounts to another disqualification of Dorner as a latter day Malcolm X

In the final analysis, Christopher Dorner is no Malcolm X. His violent response to injustice is at odds with the restraint and self-defense stance Malcolm X advocated.  

Please sign & share petition, " Christopher Dorner Isnt A Celebrity " on

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

No Pride In Homicide!




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