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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Colin Powell's Command Performance

Colin Powell is a Rockefeller Republican and American hero whose race pride and moderate liberalism caused him to support Obama twice. 

His recent appearance on the O'Reilly Factor was the latest installment of a two-term command performance for Obama: 

As a Jim Crow vintage American Black, he sees Obama in the same Messianic haze as the rest of his; my and the succeeding generation.

Older American Blacks erroneously feel Obama justifies every injustice they've experienced. This misapplication of the old school concept of race pride has been tragic to behold.

Obama's big government policies resonate with the shrinking Rockefeller brand, which puts it at odds with today's more fiscally conservative GOP ( despite George W. Bush's big spending ).

Powell is what most Black Republicans once were: social liberals and moderates who thought the welfare state need a steady hand, as opposed to Democrat free wheeling.

They felt big government just needed the right management team, not reduction. They saw themselves as its careful stewards.

That perspective is at odds with current Republican thinking, of any color. 

Some speculate Powell is using Obama as revenge for mistreatment at the hands of the second Bush administration regarding his tenure as Secretary of State and UN weapons of mass destruction presentation.


As an American Black, I know only too well the mania his generation feels while supporting Obama at all costs.

They dangerously equate him as some secular equivalent to Jesus and declare Black opposition as civic sacrilege.   

Given Colin Powell's stellar military; White House and foreign policy credentials, I hoped he didn't see himself as a surly slave needing Obama as payback against his oppressors.

That seems a hope in vain.

if we're brutally honest, Powell's candid Obamaism merely articulates where many Rockefeller and even conservative Republicans who're Black stand on Obama.

They just won't openly admit it.

Attacking the GOP as racist, while supporting a president who ignores growing Black suffering under his watch is hypocritical.

Colin Powell's command performance on Obama's behalf shows just how badly American Blacks of his generation and others feel about America.

I understand his command performance, because I see it daily in Black culture. Sadly, there is no pause button nor curtain call to halt this spectacle.  

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Despising Obama & The Demo-Crack Party

My maternal grand mother was  a patriot who loved America; respected the flag ( even standing on arthritic legs when pledge played on TV ) and honored God, whom she reverently called, " Father. "

She respected the office of president of the United States even while holding certain occupants in low regard.

She lived long enough to see Obama nominated by the Demo-crack Party, as it finally found the perfect dealer to addict even more Americans than predecessors.

I despise the man. He's a racist con artist manipulating Americans, especially Black ones, with low self esteem into giving him more power at their expense. 

His two victories prove how dangerous " low information voters " are to free markets and the Republic housing them.

Racist liberals smugly sold Obama to fellow Whites as an " okay " Black man given having a  White mother. 

Black liberal racism watchers fumbled the ball on blowing the whistle about this first of endless slaps in the face.

Are only bi-racial American Blacks "good" enough to be Demo-crack standard bearers?

This fact  is overlooked, while they hypocritically race bait conservatives, who ironically support American Blacks with same race parentage.

Absent this genealogical disclaimer, 2012 may very well have decided Hillary Clinton or John McCain's second term as president.

White liberal racism at the elite level clumsily manifested itself by offering American Blacks a candidate who wasn't " too " Black and thus acceptable to the Demo-crack coalition of social program dealers  and their clientele.

Compounded by the facts Obama repeatedly says he's " not the president of Black America " and refuses to address our unemployment nor urban murder rate, leads to a one-word summation:


i despise liberal racists who manipulate weak minded American Blacks and despise weak minded American Blacks for allowing such manipulation.

Despising Obama means despising the way the Demo-crack party needs the electoral equivalent of crack heads to win elections. 

Their racism and communist agenda put  the worst right wing bigotry to shame. At least right wing bigots are honest about their bigotry!  

I despise Obama and the Demo-crack party for trying to destroy America in the name of " equality " and "social justice. "

It looks like they're succeeding.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm An Allen West American

Allen West makes liberals mad! 

And God Bless him for it! 

They hate seeing American Black men loudly, proudly defend America; free markets; the Judeo-Christian ethic and traditional values.

Doing this means no need for central management from the DNC and other communist controllers.

Liberals see Black folks as goose stepping goons and basket cases on speed dial for their latest " Anything Goes! " schemes.

I often compare him to Malcolm X, another pugilistic plain talker who, unlike the former Congressman, aggressively promoted racial separation, before renouncing it.

West promotes racial unity as part of a muscular American nationalism anyone can join.

Every group's uphill climb, ours included, was so we could be citizens, not flunkies liberals use to extort money and sovereignty from America's shrinking majority.

Allen West, like the aforementioned Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, shows how one vocal visionary can impact society.

Our generation had barriers swept from our path which many forebeaers died thinking would never fall. 

I call us the first free generation of American Blacks and frankly should be much more like West than agitators mumbling division and criminality.

As the first February observance of what I've re-named American History Month ( aka Black Liberal History Month ) approaches, I've dedicated it to US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, his generation's conservative standard bearer. 

I'd be remiss if I didn't add I'm an Allen West American- loud and proud when need be!

Allen West answers a rhetorical question I've had for years. I ask,  " When do we Black folks born here finally call ourselves Americans? "

How about now?

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Mayor Bloomberg Wont Disarm His Body Guards

These plain clothes NYPD officers ( armed one assumes ) assigned to NY mayor Bloomberg briefly used journalist Jason Mattera as a human ping pong ball on a Washington, DC street.

Here's the video:

He'd dared ask would Bloomberg disarm his security detail in the spirit of gun control. In effect, he questioned whether the mayor would live as he wants average New Yorkers to live: defenseless.

It's a fair question. I support good cops and private officers, but know only politicians and the wealthy  afford them as personal protection.

Joe and Jane America, especially in what I call this " non-economy, " can't afford bodyguards. I have a saying for this safety disparity:

" Rich people get body guards; poor people get shot. "

Average Americans have little recourse in jurisdictions like New York or Chicago, where they're effectively disarmed by socialists unmoved by explosive local murder rates.

The irony is worth figuratively beating these elitest hypocrites over the head with repeatedly. Every anti-gun elected official and celebrity is protected by someone with a gun.

Some of these anti-gun zealots may have statutory authority; licenses or special officer designation allowing them to carry concealed firearms.

An especially arrogant few, may even illegally carry weapons confident it'll be overlooked by the criminal justice systems they control.

Will we become a country where only thugs and the government can be armed?

Looks that way, if we're not careful.

Cap Black, the Hood Conservative 

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Stop & Frisk Arabs Too

New York's " Stop & Frisk " program has liberals and center-right libertarians up in arms. Millions of street searches of American Black and Latino men incense these advocates.

" Stop & Frisk " is a forceful reminder to certain crime surplus populations that they can't continue carrying illegal guns and using them with impunity.

Lest we forget, most Black and Latino criminal's victims are other Blacks and Latinos. Aren't their lives worth extra scrutiny?

It's a civil rights question I'd love to hear liberals try to answer.

I'm fully briefed on police racism, but I'm also just as fully briefed on American Black and Latino urban culture promoting violent, felonious behavior.

On a homeland security note, I wonder whether " Stop & Frisk's " deterrent value shouldn't be applied to another population: Arabs, as a street-level, counter- terrorism effort?   

If New York police; politicians and prosecutors defend this technique for use upon populations who don't mount concerted terrorist attacks, would they oppose deploying it against terrorist surplus populations whose members fill headlines? 

Imagine " Stop & Frisk " in majority immigrant Muslim neighborhoods, complete with dogs trained to detect explosive residue?

While terror lobbyists like the Council On American-Islamic Relations ( CAIR ) would lead the opposing chorus, alongside center-right civil libertarians,  it would be very interesting to see what would be uncovered.

Political correctness has Americans with zero criminal or terrorist ties subjected to ridiculous online; camera; Humint ( human intelligence ) and personal scrutiny, while more likely subjects go unmolested.

A White grand ma on a walker might be an Al Qaeda sleeper agent, but it's more likely she's a Christian or Jewish American senior with arthritis- not asymmetrical anti-Americanism.
stock photo : Happy handicapped old woman with walker. Shot against white background.

Is foreign oil and domestic appeasement worth our liberty? Apparently, especially if you're an American Black or Latino in an airport.

Our White sisters and brothers get ridiculously hassled too, all in the name of " fairness? " 

Here's another slap in the face members of Obama's most loyal voting block receive at airports: natural hair pat downs.  

I kid you not, Black travelers with natural hair styles ( curls; dreads etc ) are subjected to extra searches as if " Afro bombs " were a real threat?

TSA staff laughably state thick Black hair somehow blocks x ray scanners trusted to detect weapons hidden beneath layers of clothing??? 

It even has its own search engine phase, " Natural hair pat downs. " 

Hmm, does alot of Black hair equal a homeland security threat in Obama's Amerika? I'd love to see how long this lasts if Obama's family were abused like this?

Despite American Blacks being overwhelming Christian, with little organized terrorist activity ( outside of against ourselves! ), they are profiled by an Obama era TSA, to the exclusion of more likely subjects, i.e,. Arabs.

Including Arabs on the NYPD ( and other departments ) " Stop & Frisk " schedules would remind would-be terrorists America hasn't forgotten what the majority of Islamist suspects look like. 

Can New York, scene of two major terrorist attacks, afford not stopping & frisking Arabs and other terrorist surplus populations?

" Things that make you go, ' Hmmm?' " to quote returning talk show host Arsenio Hall.

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Happy American History Month To Justice Clarence Thomas

Happy American History Month To Justice Clarence Thomas

Originally posted in Right Voice Media

I, through no power but my desire to unite Americans worth uniting, wish you a Happy American History Month. 

blackhis4You might have noticed February isBlack History Month. If we’re honest, it could more accurately be called Black Liberal History Month.
In typical liberal fashion, an observance once meant to highlight our American contribution, instead became 28 divisive days where we can talk bad about White folks, while they smile and take it.

Not quite my idea of uniting Americans.

God made me a deep, year round brown. Running around telling folks “I’m Black! I’m Black! I’m Black!” isn’t just repetitive–it’s silly. And racist were the same done by an American who was White.
God also made me an American. Yes y’all, Black folks are Americans, too, no matter what our sun tanned, America-hating, socialists preach. Every American comes from some unique group. Hate to disappoint inevitable critics, but American History Month isn’t about making black people less “Black.”
It’s about making AMERICAN Blacks and all Americans period, unite more by using history as a common ground.
American History Month is dedicated to celebrating how what’s right with America triumphs over what’s wrong with America! It’s a timely message, especially now when American Blacks and Americans period are economically falling farther and farther behind.

Socialists use Black (Liberal) History Month to tell American Blacks and Americans period about what’s wrong with America.


Why can’t patriots use February to tell American Blacks and Americans period what’s right with America? 
By the power vested in me by no one in particular, I now declare the month of February, 2013 the first American History Month!
US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, my fellow native of Savannah, GA embodies American History Month’s celebration of what’s right with America!
Justice Clarence Thomas

That’s why he’s my first honoree. His life exemplifies how far one can go after opening his heart and mind to God and country!
He calls people who write him, opens his chambers to low income school children, and unfailingly defends the original intent of our founding document.

Happy American History Month Justice Thomas!

2CapBlackCap Black The Hood Conservative
Founder of American History Month
as an alternative to Black ( Liberal )
History Month
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fear: Dont Be Scared

image of word 'fear'

Another of what I call " divine downloads " just posted in the software attached to the hardware between my ears. 

" Fear "

But not the kind to that makes you afraid. This is an acronym which means:

Faith: Without this all long term effort fizzles for lack of tangible results. Belief is the certainty no government can decree.

Enterprise: " The business of America is business " to quote President Calvin Coolige. 

A free market where goods and services can be sold without artificial limits is worth fighting for! It  gives Americans, regardless of background, at least a fighting chance to get head in life.

Achievement: Always excelling or attempting to excel as a way of life sums up this very important word. Doing it as a way of life promises more good news than occasional victories spaced out over decades.

Responsibility: This is the foundation, the bed rock. if you did, good or bad, you've got to own the outcome.

President Harry S Truman personified responsibility with his famous statement, " The buck stops here! "

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said it best:

" You have nothing the fear but fear itself "

My definition of fear as a combination of faith; enterprise; achievement and responsibility is something we shouldn't be afraid.

This kind of fear should be welcomed with open arms!

Don't be scared to succeed!

Cap Black The Hood Conservative
Founder of American History Month
as an alternative to Black ( Liberal )
History Month
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Obamaism: Leftist Religiosity

The above sacrilegious image says it all.

Obama isn't the mere beneficiary of a national, secular cult of personality, like these guys.

That's for his more rational liberal lemmings. Their high water mark ends with his being the so-called greatest political leader of all time, which is bad enough.

In American socialism's servant quarters, American Blacks embraced him full bore with the fervor of our African emotionalism, and declared him a " savior."

Obama Saves SC Pastor disparages GOP, describes Obama as Moses, in pre inauguration message
Centuries of acculturation apparently hasn't dimmed this primal urge to declare demi-gods, even in a post modern era, 

statist- sanctioned religiosity ( I won't dignify it with the term, religion ) has spread like wild fire before traditional Americans eyes.

Despite socialism being an atheist doctrine, it will use religion, what Marx denounced as the " opium of the people " to whip spiritual proletarians into a frenzy.

The leftist religiosity which is Obamaism is the linear result of Black Liberation Theology, taken to the nth degree.

Their dream has come true and against all odds,  a Black demi-god rules America. His bi-racial heritage lures guilty Whites into the fold and completes the multi-cultural mosaic, along with Latinos and more recently, homosexuals.

Tribal Blacks, my short hand for Obama's American Black "church", sacrilegiously feel biblical prophesy has been fulfilled. In Obamaism they lose themselves in the ecstatic moment, without fretting over glaring indifference;  epidemic unemployment; homelessness and Black middle class annihilation. 

This leftist religiosity not only casts morally bankrupt Democrats as de facto apostles, but also threatens a line of succession the likes of which America has never seen.

Obamaism is what happens when socialists masterfully manipulate insecure people and religiosity to craft a demi-god as placebo for what ails their followers.

They're better served remembering the words of Thomas Jefferson, who said:

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."
Cap Black The Hood Conservative
Founder of American History Month
as an alternative to Black ( Liberal )
History Month
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coming Apart Is Charles Murrays Canary In A Cage

American sisters and brothers, Dr. Murray's 1994 book, " The Bell Curve ", touched off heated debates about race and intelligence. which accomplished little more than hard feelings and an even harder Left opposing everything traditionalists of any color cherish.
Fast forward now to his book, " Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010 " and see how the traditional values vacuum normally associated with the Hood now menaces the proverbial Heartland.

Unwed motherhood, among other threats. is becoming status quoin communities far removed from the morally moribund Hood. 
The inner city was socialism's beach head. Here, they undermined faith; family; patriotism; productive fellowship; legal work and other indispensible habits.
Everyone assumed that's where the cultural carnage would end, 
It didn't.
Socialist expansionism isn't complete until a society's majority stakeholders are dragged down from their positions and sentenced to serfdom. 
The only other options available are imprisonment and execution.
I've watched and fought the socialist's sun tanned cadre for a lifetime. They've conquered most American Blacks and control our community's normal looking religious; social; educational and civic institutions,
Now they're openly marching toward your part of America, aided and abetted by not only known socialist strongholds in academia and the Democrat party, but also strengthened by a large fifth column of everyday American Whites whose values are anything but traditional. 
I consider this book to be a literal canary in a cage, warning traditionalists of all colors that socialism stands poised to defeat America's shrinking majority, which in turn makes their victory over this country complete.

Please watch any videos by this author and read this and related books.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative
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Conservative White Folks: Stand Up!


There's nothing more frighting than watching a great culture commit suicide. A golden calf of Marxist madness is being offered for America's majority to worship. 

American Whites who practice traditional values are battered by a liberal demon seed commanding Black, Brown; Gay and other shock troops.

" Diversity " is a loaded gun placed roughly to their heads by collectivists who want America as its been to cease to exist.

The absence of a large, organized conservative lobby among American Blacks leads many Whites under the gun to assume we want this too!

My lifes ambition isn't to drag Whites who practice traditional values down into the gutter. I hate the radical Left at least as much as any conservative or even nationalist White person.

While today's society and free markets can tweak itself to recognize Black input, a socialist society offers no such amendment processes.

Liberal attacks on Whites who practice traditional values, is a harbinger for enslavement awaiting anyone who does the same.

Toppling conservative Whites in America mans Karl Marx dream finally came true!

Conservative  White folks need to stand up and say no to cultural suicide!

Obviously, I'm not White, but I am on your side.

An America under godless; morally relativistic, anti-capitalists who hate the Founding Fathers ( Booker T Washington & conservative Blacks too! ) is a hell on earth.

Stand up conservative White folks- don't let liberals make you bow to the golden calf of socialism!

Cap Black The Hood Conservative, Founder of American History Month, to replace Black ( Liberal ) History Month 
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Be Bold: Escape The Black Trap

In the 21st century, perceiving yourself as primarily " Black " to the exclusion of individuality is tantamount to inserting a foot into an ideological bear trap, which will maim you.

Hereafter dubbed, " the Black trap, " this act of tribal self-checking allows liberals of all colors to move us on the American checker board without accountability.

Tribal desperation gave Obama high majorities of the Black vote twice, in exchange for economic devastation the likes of which we've never seen.

That's tribal Blacks fault- not ritually invoked evil conservatives and Republicans. That's the self-checked position one assumes while captive within the Black trap.

We who aren't in the Black trap have no indebtedness to tribal mindsets which undermine merit; traditional values and political options.

For the duration of Obama's second term, I list my ethnicity as " Bold ", meaning an American who thinks as an individual, instead of like an appendage attached to a collective.

Bold Americans who happen to be Black are citizens of the present. No recitation of past injustice outweighs current self-development and effort.

As bad as this economy is, especially for American Blacks, how is obsessing about yester-year supposed to improve things?

Bold thinkers disarm the Black trap be thinking for themselves, instead of relying on debilitating downloads from the pigmentary politburo. 

The Black trap isn't White folks fault. Instead of deleting past patterns of servitude and mediocrity, they've metastasized into this self=checked mindset.

Black trap thinkers en masse are low level socialists who can't hold the group accountable for anything. 

The way their White former Soviet peers praised the butcher Stalin is how they laud Democrats who keep a foot firmly on their necks.

Chocolate Klansmen murdering inner city residents with abandon are cast as victims of racism.
Politicians; executives and activists who abuse the public trust through fraud and nepotism are cast as victims of racism.

This low level socialism mandates the Black collective is blameless and White conservatives are the culprit, despite freely chosen wrong doing.

Low level Black trap thinkers are fodder for social programs funding a middle class of office over seers.

They are human statistics used to validate social service budgets liberal politicians inflate to reward donors and buddies.

The Black trap is behavioral baggage we're better suited tossing on the ash bin of history, instead of carrying like anchors around our necks.

Be Bold, escape the Black trap and become individuals trying to maximize present  ( admittedly scarce ) opportunities, instead of avoiding them.

if Black was beautiful in the 60s and 70s, Bold is better for the 21st Century!

Cap Black The Hood Conservative, founded American History Month as an alternative to the liberal Black History Month.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

American History Month Coming up This February

american flag stars and stripes Stock Photo - 13688335

American History Month is my suggestion for re-naming the liberal Black History Month, as balm in the cultural Gilead of ethnic tensions at the dawn of Obama 2.0.

Observers will note the redundancy of American Blacks citing our color before every occasion or organization naming given its self-evidence for anyone with eyes.

Conservatives have argued this double standard over the years. Simply uttering thought balloons labeled, " White History Month " enrages liberals.

As founder of the American History Month alternative to Black History Month, I extend this offer to collegiate conservative and libertarian organizations: 

I will be your February White History Month speaker under the titillating title, " Why This Black Conservative Promotes White History Month! "

My goal is exposing out dated, even divisive practices among Americans of all backgrounds. The flip side of my Black History Month alternative is assisting those challenging the same, by hosting White History observances to challenge this double standard.

While provocative, both proposals aim to shift focus away from ethnic cheer leading and onto a comprehensive American history uniting all segments.  

Socialist, sixties era ethnic enclaves ill serve a 21st century America which has slain most of her dragons of overt discrimination except, ironically, in government and higher education.

My American History Month alternative to Black History Month is an olive branch to traditionalist countrymen feeling demonized at precisely the time when their values should be lauded.

Americans anxious to celebrate one accounting of all contributions to our country should consider my American History Month alternative to what's become to many a divisive Black History Month.

Conservative or libertarian college organizations who desire a non-White supporter for February White History Month, anti-reverse discrimination events have my open invitation.

Celebrating Black folks as Americans, not outcasts and challenging reverse discrimination are two of the best ways I know to use the month of February.

We have another long four years of ethnic tension to navigate and working to unite traditional values citizens of all colors is the best path to take!

Cap Black The Hood Conservative
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Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK Day 2013: Beyond Celebrations

MLK Day is an occasion for all Americans to reflect and measure national progress on ethnic and general quality of life issues.  

His efforts materially impacted the market I grew up in. His liberalism, based upon a more intact Black family unit and Judeo-Christian ethic, differs from conservative American nationalism of my era.

Liberalism ceased having value for my generation the day it was fully co-opted by socialists. Their  infiltration of civil rights organizations; churches; and Black politics left them a shadow of their former selves.

His liberal legacy has even been embraced by a contrite Right anxious to shed its violently racist past. Given ongoing opposition to liberalism, this is awkward to say the least.  

Integration, with expansive use of government programs, opened long closed doors to our blue collar workers and professionals.

it also swept aside Black businesses like a tidal wave, leaving us integrating once-denied majority  institutions empty pocketed, 

The self-help, mutual aid fabric of American Blacks lies tattered, shot full of holes by a liberalism that made us more wards of the state, than fully enfranchised Americans.  

Whether this was intentional is debatable.

A world class institution builder like Booker T Washington offered American Blacks a practical program where our infrastructure sustained us long before integration happened.

Visionary conservative patriots like Jay Parker promoted an anti-communist, civil rights activism often eclipsed by liberal dominated media and academics.

MLK Day always finds me assessing the deadly gulf between his anti-Jim Crow ( later anti- Vietnam & anti- capitalist ) liberalism, with today's anti-traditional values Left.

Today in New Orleans, five young Black men were shot at the parade held in Dr. King's honor. Neither liberal school of thought I examine on this day  adequately addresses the war within our ranks.

Even the second inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama was insufficient to stay the shooter's hand. 

Mere symbolism has reached its apparent limit and not even beloved  progressive icons can inspire inner city cease fires.

Today's Black liberal overlooks such daily outrages in favor of venting his spleen again distant White conservatives and the Republican Party,

The fact that these distant persons aren't  the ones killing and impregnating their way through the inner city is lost in transmission.

Black progressivism past and present seems overflowing with negatives: no businesses; no fathers; no peace; no political independence and no hope it seems.

Unless one notes the placebo in DC where desperately poor, unsafe American Blacks can look at the First Family and day dream.

is this King's legacy: no Black infrastructure; too much government interference; a disinterested president and now, too little respect for Black lives, pre-born and otherwise? 

This is the bitter harvest of efforts infected by communism in any of its forms. This Eastern European plague freezes self-sufficiency; patriotism and traditional values among its clients. 

It spawns angry peasants who eventually strangle economies with incessant grasping for more social programs.  

MLK Day 2013 finds me looking beyond celebrations and flowery rhetoric to ugly realities which liberalism, past and present, creates.

If our " dream " doesn't incorporate two parent ( male/female ) families; institution building and loving free markets then America, from the Hood to the Heartland, becomes nightmarish.

On MLK Day 2013, too many Americans are living a national nightmare.

Is that liberalism's real definition of integration?

Also posted in Move-On-Up.Org

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