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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Phoenix Jones/Jack Cero Truce

Phoenix Jones

A truce now exists between Seattle's Phoenix Jones and New York's Jack Cero

Jack Cero

Though neither refers to himself as such, they and their camps fall into what the media has called the " real life superhero ( RLSH ) " movement.

Their vision of this creative activism form has found common ground which was apparent to unbiased observers from the on set. 

Both tend to offer membership structures and best practice formulae to their team mates, respectively the Rain City Superhero Movement ( RCSM ) and the Initiative.

The fact that the actions of each; their teams and varied best practice formulae was just recently mountain-sized bones of contention is worth noting.

While not opposed to structure per se and best practices ( i have my own set ), I've always felt creative activism is a highly individualized expression.

As such, there is NO definitive way of doing it.

When Seattle's Sky Man coined the hilarious phrase, " Real life sandwich handlers " and Phoenix Jones  used it in an  interview, numerous RLSH from my era were offended.  

All negative connotations aside, the term sums up " real life superhero" diversity:

Some RLSH, etc exclusively give out food or specialize in charitable events. Others patrol their communities as unique " eyes and  ears " who don't intervene in incidents and call police.

Lastly, " full contact " creative activists break up fights; personally stop crime in progress and even perform citizens arrests of suspects until police arrive.

Most of this last variety also give out food and do charitable events.

Each category isn't THE way to do this nor is more " right " than others. These options represent the freedom RLSH, etc have to be creative activists,as they and none others, see fit.

The Phoenix Jones/Jack Cero truce offers a window into what the near-future of this creative activist form becomes, since their age group is its majority. 

I like RLSH activism because it celebrates individuality; private solutions to public problems and showing Americans ( and world citizens period ) what they can do once they free their "super" from self and societal imposed limitations.

Hopefully the Phoenix Jones/Jack Cero truce will encourage more freedom in creative activism and less in-fighting!

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  1. Yeah... the Real-life sandwich handler reference... something I will never live down I guess. Ahh well.

    1. I like it. Don't think it's a diss at all. In fact, it defines NOT denigrates!

  2. The Real Life Superhero Community as a whole isn't a Movement, because of the diversity, so because we all communicate, it would be more of a Community. There can be movements within the community but I wouldn't consider it accurate as a whole.

    In a professional sense, I don't refer to those who do charity as their only main deeds as superheroes so much to be actual real superheroes. In a professional sense, they would be a CCM - Costumed Charity Movement. There are other nicknames for them though. Ecliptico is the one who called them Real Life Sandwich Handlers. I came up with one for them, called Real Life Supper Heroes (only adding 1 extra p to super making it supper). There's another one. Hamburger Helpers.

    My idea isn't to say who can do what. People can do as they feel necessary. I'm also not trying to condemn people nor their actions if what they're doing are good things. I only see what is this and what isn't that, etc. and just want to ensure accuracy in definitions and such. I believe in traditional ideals of superheroism. Not so much denying nor condemning any other creative forms of doing good - just rather making sure it doesn't change from what people know it to be.

    "How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling the tail a leg doesn't make it a leg." -Abraham Lincoln

    This potentially extremely controversial blog post explains it a bit further on my thoughts on that:

    But here's blog post of mine more likely a lot less controversial explanation of it which is more scientific and interesting:

    Here's another interesting one about the 4 aspects of fighting evil:

    Here's one that explains about heroism & leadership - the link between the 2. In that blog post I speak a lot of wisdom and also somewhere in there explain more about why the RLSH Community is better & more accurately described ass a Community rather thann a Movement:

    Here's one that explains how and why the "real life" part of the title isn't necessary, and is more descriptive than it is part of the title. Even discusses real superpowers.

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