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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Republican Mitt Met With The NAACP- Why Cant Democrat Mayor Mitch?

If Republican Mitt Romney could meet with the national NAACP; why can't Democrat Mitch Landrieu meet with the local NAACP about NOPD racial profiling asks Cap Black

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  1. If the NAACP would stop trying to point the blame of violence in the black community at others and do things to stop the violence from within the community things will change. Yes, I am a black male in my mid 30's which in this day and age is considered elderly among black males. We as a people must take responsibility for the actions that are happening within our community and stop saying that because a police officer is doing his or her job that they are racially profiling. When you have high crime in a concentrated area it's only common sense to put more of a police presence in that's not rocket science.

  2. I agree. Black On Black crime prevention is my NUMBER ONE focus... BUT NOPD has a chronic pattern of civil rights violations and cover ups which must be stopped;

    I try to get the local NAACP etc to form a united front against Badge On Black crime AND Black On Black Crime with equal vigor!