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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Racial Profiling Or Realistic Profiling?

You are a disgrace to your own race. Whites commit more category of crimes than blacks. This does not mean that we should target whites for these crime nor target blacks, middle easterners, etc. for other crimes. In other words, you are basing a small percentage of crime in the United States to justify racial profiling. You are not considering domestic violence, kidnapping, white collar crime, child abuse, etc. You can't pick and choose which crimes should be racially profiled. You just can't! Get an education, respect your race and quit being lead to believe racial profiling will make us safe because it wont.

This latest political love note was sent as a reply to my affirmative answer on a Politix poll about racial profiling.

Racial profiling is a phrase sure to set self-righteous progressives off on new lows in criminal coddling disguised as civil rights. 

I often wonder if another term, perhaps " realistic profiling " could be inserted to soothe their savage breasts?

But it wouldn't, not when dealing with a philosophy that supports street thugs; cop killers; killer ex cops like Christopher Dorner and foreign terrorists as morally equivalent to 1960s civil rights marchers.

Racism in law enforcement and homeland security isn't what I'm promoting not even debating in this advocacy.

Realism in law enforcement and homeland security, complemented by realism ( responsibility ) from profiled groups and their popular culture is my goal.

Where are the young Black men and older leaders loudly, proudly distinguishing themselves on air; musically and as activists from thugs I call chocolate Klansmen and enablers excusing their crimes by blaming conservative White people for it?

Our clothing; songs; videos and snivel rights spokes persons all proclaim that Black crime is a product of external injustice and thus won't be denounced by the majority of the community.

I've always marveled at this position since since it supports every stereotype created about us in the past.

Even Minister Farrakhan, self-proclaimed inheritor to the late Elijah Muhammad's mantle of America's top Black Muslim reformer, has sunk to enabling thug, by calling gangs, "street organizations " and judging them the " best generation we've ( Americans Blacks ) ever produced. "

This from someone whose spiritual father said decades ago our larcenous condition proved, " the so-called American Negro is totally unfit for self "  and thus required the highly regimented, military-themed rehabilitation he proscribed.

While many American Blacks tilt left on our criminals, law enforcement doesn't.

Inner cities from coast to coast are subjected to field interviews; check points; probation/parole inspections and the New York Police Department's " Stop and Frisk " program based upon rampant gun violence and other serious crime committed by residents.

Is it racism to point out who the majority suspects are in the national Hood's daily murder rate?

My counter charge is it's racism not to! Silence when we kill each other makes high profile marches when a cop or a George Zimmerman does it illegitimate!    

Realistic profiling strips our crime rate of all external blame mechanisms and places scrutiny where it belongs!

All my life I've heard how racist police are. I've even met some officers who clearly hated me for the color of my skin.

That wouldn't justify my shooting people in my neighborhood or anywhere else as a misguided response.

Their hate was also compounded by  my lack of felonies; active warrants; contraband or being in the commission of a criminal act.

Inner cities where the majority of young Black men fit that above profile would make it much harder to justify invasive policies.

If the murder rate in these communities disappeared and general gun crime became non-existent, why would " Stop & Frisk " of any sort be necessary?

Until we decide to change these statistics through our choices, racial profiling, good and bad- your choice, will continue. 

Unlike my White liberal critics, I see the inner city from the inside as a member of a community you will never fully understand because your image of us is your only concern.

I don't occasionally perform feel good missions here nor advocate from afar as a politician or social (ist ) service provider.

I'm right here, demanding higher standards; intervening in violations of the peace  and not making excuses for what we'd call hate crimes if Americans of other colors committed them here.

This isn't racial profiling. It's realistic profiling.

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