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Friday, March 29, 2013



I've been a police/community relations advocate my entire adult life, despite racial profiling and stone walling experiences from various departments.

Now, I'm in New Orleans facing an agency which seems even more tone deaf to Black anti-crime input than most, which is truly alarming.

While there are NOPD officers I greatly respect, their employer has acted and often still acts in extreme bad faith with the Black community.

So badly that I wonder if it's time to modify my nominal support of " Good Cops- Not Bad Policy! " to a include a more assertive posture.

This assertive posture is summed up in the companion slogan, " NOPD Hates Me? "  and underlines the deep mistrust many Blacks and other citizens feel toward this department's rogues and cover up minded command staff.  

" NOPD Hates Me? ' can include active video taping of officer misconduct and even on site protests of misconduct if necessary. 

I remain a good cop supporter. I bitterly oppose inner city thugs I call, " chocolate Klansmen. "

As a conservative, one of the worst forms of big government are unconstitutional police and supervisors who enable them.

My support of law and order includes the expectation that police do the same. 

But it's only fair to ask, who on the streets and in this department's hierarchy hates citizens who look like me?

NOPD Hates Me? is a page where your concerns about the New Orleans Police Department can be heard. Please visit it!  

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