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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Independent Police Monitor Solution

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If there's a glimmer of light for liberty lovers in the wake of the Christopher Dorner tragedy, it's this: strong Independent police monitors ( IPM ) are a safeguard against discontent which can undermine delivery of justice.

Civilian oversight of law enforcement is often opposed by police unions; internal affairs units and citizens who are law and order advocates.

While murder is always an unacceptable response for dis-satisfaction with departmental disciplinary hearing results, an outside IPM investigation is a solution more municipalities should welcome.

The flip side of IPM exposing bad cops is exonerating good ones. Civilian oversight isn't a police officer " witch hunt, " as critics charge.

LAPD has re-opened Mr. Dorner's case and New Orleans should note our present Independent Police Monitor, Susan Hutson, came from LA.

The Crescent City has the expertise of an expert attorney who helped provide civilian oversight at one of America's most troubled, complex police agencies.

Empowering the independent police monitor solution may be the missing key in silencing cries of  cover up, made by citizens and ex-officers alike.

Liberty lovers should add this new chant to our arsenal:

" We Can't Win Without A Strong IPM! "

Support the independent police monitor solution!

Mr. Nadra Enzi ( Cap Black, the Hood Conservative )
Good Citizens Supporting Good Cops!
"Be your OWN Superhero!"

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