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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Take It From An Old School RLSH Activist

Phoenix Jones

I'm very happy " real life superheroes ( RLSH or insert:  X ALTS; Initiative; Masked Adventurers ) have made it to the network news; HBO and GQ magazine.

It's a dream come true for someone who did this stuff stealth mode in various professions before encountering the community in 2008.

What ISN'T dream-like is on-going, viral drama since the advent of our community's best known former member, Phoenix Jones.

I knew a bounty hunter in my hometown who was the profession's most high profile, high octane member. 

His fights; fugitive captures ( including one re-created for Americas Most Wanted ) and rocky relationship with the police were legendary. I worked with him sporadically and butted heads upon spectacular occasions.

I know what it's like to have someone capture popular attention. Over 20 years doing this stuff has had me witness this numerous times.

Phoenix isn't like the bounty hunter I mentioned because he does adhere to the rule of law. The bounty hunter would do anything to get his man or vehicle ( he also REPOed  ) and was often wilder than the fugitives he sought.

Seattle has become a real life Gotham City with PJ and his Rain City Superhero Movement cast along the lines of an actual Night Wing and Night Wing Family.

That's alot for some creative activists to swallow. I watch with interest as Jones evolved a support network; protocols and other features necessary for a big public masked adventurer operation.

The Initiative is the other large scale " full contact " ( physically stop suspects )  group of this sort. 

They, like me, do most of their work plain clothed.

Unlike me, they limit themselves to not directly working with protest organizers and avoiding politics all together.

Or at least conservative politics but that's another story.
I pre-date Phoenix Jones; RCSM and the Initiative by decades. When I started, Curtis Sliwa and his Guardian Angels or the Nation of Islam's Dope Busters were the closest thing to RLSH/XALTS/Initiative/Masked Adventurers.

I didn't use a RLSH name until 2008, but have been doing this type of activism for over 20 years. 

RLSH like the retired Citizen Prime; Superhero and Geist inspired me. My work with local police and community groups served me well when I began calling myself, " Cap Black. "  
Citizen Prime

Like these activists, Ive always built coalitions between the establishment and the grassroots whenever possible.  

I like the tactical visions of PJ/RCSM and the Initiative. but it seems they find little to like about each other.

I don't like the back biting and threat allegations I've heard bandied about. Doing creative good in bigger and better ways is supposed to be our goal: not nit picking and super team set tripping.

Micro managing how one team does patrolling or rules of engagement past a certain point looks like nit picking. 

Identifying legitimate error, however, isn't nit picking, don't get me wrong. 

Beefing with each other is.

Take it from an old school RLSH, or citizen on patrol as Ive always called myself, the Rain City Superhero Movement and the Initiative don't have to waste time playing king of the hill.

America is big enough to accommodate both approaches with plenty of room left over.

Why not call a truce?

Or, dare I say it, actually team up one day, after working out your differences privately; in person and off line.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

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  1. I like this a lot... its getting harder and harder for others unaffiliated with the RCSM to work in the same city... I was around for several months before PJ in Seattle. How do you say i go about trying to make this a better place for ALL involved... in the greater Seattle area... I need some help getting ideas and thoughts that arent biased. You know how to get to me Cap.

  2. Once again, you put into words what I am feeling in my heart. I have long advocated UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY and asked everyone to agree to disagree on these trivial points of contention. Acknowledge that we are all doing our part, however small or large, to make the world around us a better place. Bickering among the different factions of this community is counter productive to what we are all trying to accomplish. In my opinion, the drama and nit picking will be what eventually makes us all look bad in the eyes of the world, not the bad decisions made in a moment of haste on the streets.

  3. Warriors quarrel. You worry about peace and unity; despite this, people with good strong spirits will always find ways to help, regardless of any contention caused by those with hearts inclined to aggressive sentiments.
    Do not try to understand the reasons muscular young males develop quarrelsome behaviors.
    Whining,complaining, expressing dissatisfaction with this.. is comparable to a soft feminine spirit henpecking a larger more powerful force.
    There is wisdom in acceptance, if you're not going to be the aggressor.