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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Support Good Cops- Not Bad Policy

Remember when Americans thought cops were on their side? Most still do, but many worry that statists will turn our police forces against us.

That's why my motto as a police supporter is:

" I support good cops- not bad policy! "  

I hate hearing about line of duty fatalities, including suicide; injury or the living death of political witch hunts destroying careers and families they supported.

Unlike liberal Blacks who hate cops and love cons, I support good cops and seek to protect them from bad policy and engineered mis-perceptions in communities like mine. 

While community relations in Black zip codes were more problematic, my grand parents and parents generations are pro-police, while also being anti-Jim Crow policing.

If they as survivors of American Apartheid didn't blindly hate police, why should my or successive generations?

Statism is a real problem, especially law enforcement in statist clutches ( left or right ). A liberal police state isn't an upgrade over a conservative one and visa versa. 

I foresee growing law enforcement complaints coming from American Whites whose positive relationship with police ends as Obama police statism tightens.

Hotly debated gun bans and feared confiscation promises to be a flash point where copious complaints will flow.

To be fair, George H. Bush instituted a statist policing regime the likes of which many Americans had never seen.  

His Patriot Act ( s ) allowed federal agents to write their own search warrants without judicial review and enshrined unrestricted surveillance of electronic communications on a par with the dreaded East German Stasi.

I'd joke that such eaves dropping always happened but putting it in law meant Americans were really about be placed beneath a microscope.

His being a Republican didn't escape liberty lovers attention while this ordeal unfolded. Most galling to old school security conservatives like me is declaring passengers de facto inmates once arriving at airports.

This presumption of guilt, clumsily administered by his Transportation Security Administration ( TSA ), subjects every American to an Eastern Bloc experience few ever imagined possible.

Black folks are used to this over reach. Our history with American police began with slave catchers, private and otherwise, dogging our steps as captive Africans and Americans.

 Now, our White sisters and brothers share this experience,as well, and it's no less appalling to me now that N-Word treatment has become integrated.

Statist policing is bias on gamma rays, with executives and officers so afflicted seeing themselves as institutional hulks who can smash and trample civil liberties during endless state-sanctioned rampages.

I support good cops- not bad policy.

Let's elect folks who feel the same way. The public and police; local, state and federal, should be on the same side.

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