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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Looking For Captain Nazi

Captain Nazi
Liberal Blacks assume behind every conservative White face lurks a racist engine of destruction like DC Comics Captain Nazi character.

They conveniently exclude White liberals who've guided them downward like prisoners of war for generations.

Exclusively looking for Captain Nazi means overlooking the war against American Blacks waged by other American Blacks.

Lone chocolate Klansmen; loosely organized small boy units and united multi-state hell raisers like the Crips; Bloods and other gangs do Captain Nazi's job for him.

Even if you toss in police shootings, our attrition rate is still mostly internal.

I was just notified someone I know was murdered. We can look up in the sky for Captain Nazi fleeing the scene, or look for suspects much closer to home.

The Black woman in question  was allegedly killed by another Black person. Whether this was intentional or collateral damage remains to be seen.

I can run to our local NAACP; SCLC and Black Christian pastors to suggest an anti-crime protest, but would only have the idea, pun intended, shot down.

They're on eternal sky watch for Captain Nazi, content to ignore daily Black homicides until the rare one arrives where a White suspect ( usually a police officer ) can be labeled the latest Captain Nazi.

For Black liberals, our murders only matter when committed by the " good " Captain. His evil is the only evil their rose colored glasses detect.

They won't admit that our community is teeming with real life villains who put the occasional Captain Nazi to shame.

This spell is so complete that they don't even want President Obama,their tribal chieftain, to comment on our murder rate for fear it'll embarrass him.

The First Lady recently attended the funeral of a Chicago teen gunned down after she performed at Obama's second inauguration- after much public pressure and an online White House petition.

This tragic indifference reaches the highest levels of Black liberal ranks.

The number one public safety threat facing American Blacks isn't White conservative rage I've labelled Captain Nazi.

Super villains killing our people don't often look like Aryan science projects. They look like us in too many cases and none on the Black Left dare utter this fact.

I know Captain Nazi exists.

I also know he has to take a number behind an endless procession of chocolate Klansmen eager to do his job. 

Looking for Captain Nazi obviously has a better benefits package for spokesmen and politicians than looking at the blood sport before their very eyes.  

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