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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jack Cero Called Me Racist

Jack Cero

" Nadra, you are a racist. You are not a conservative, liberal, any of the above. You are a sad racist that uses bad logic to try to propel yourself to some kind of legitimacy and that is what you are known for, and will rightly be remembered for.

All your arguments are tinted by that. And that is why we very subtly offered you the "out"... because i knew you'd take it. 

Feel free to drag this out. You only embarrass yourself. "

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This was a recent Face book post about me by Jack Cero, founder of a creative activist group called the NY Initiative ( Initiative Collective comprise its out-of-town chapters ), with a MOUNT RUSHMORE-sized axe to grind against Seattle's famed creative activist, Phoenix Jones.

After watching this from the side lines for awhile, I offered  this olive branch post entitled, " Take It From An Old School RLSH activist: " 

I was called racist and insulted for daring broach the subject of a truce between Cero and Jones???

Silly me.

In this context, being called racist by Cero must paradoxically mean I'm on the right track:  squashing hate is what I've done for years.

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  1. I'm sick and tired of the New York Initiative claiming to be these legit heroes (or their stupid attempt at claiming to be "extreme altruists") who are supposedly these experts on "conflict resolution" when in fact they are creating the most problems in this community.

    They were bullies from the start. They threatened to try to ruin me because I wouldn't join their gang. And a year later when I tried to make peace with them, they called the psyche ward on me over a lie that I was planning to kill myself. And then they bragged about it.

    They have constantly spread lies about me and a lot of other good people in the real life Superhero community. Supposedly there have been some heroes who the NYI have forced to try to quit and if they didn't quit then they would have their identities outed.

    Jack Cero is a diagnosed sociopath who even fits the profile of a sociopath. Anyone who trusts him is a fool.

    All he ever does is cyber bully people. Phoenix Jones who is a great hero constantly gets harassed by them just because he does a lot of hero work and thus gets more credit than they do, while he never tries to start problems back with them.

    Captain Black, YOU ARE NOT a racist. I'm white and you and I get along just fine.

    Perhaps it's Zero who is the racist one. He always seems to be hating on the black heroes - or perhaps his prejudice is against all heroes of all colors - because he wants to try to damage morale and make all heroes want to quit so that he and his gang will deceive the world by being viewed as the main heroes in this community. From what I've seen, he's the most evil supervillain I've ever known in my life. But it's good that more and more people are starting to see that.

  2. "And a year later when I tried to make peace with them, they called the psyche ward on me over a lie that I was planning to kill myself. And then they bragged about it."
    Dear brother, I now understand why the cruel sentiments about you are so easily spread. Those mean New Yorkers, the shame of such people.