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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dollar Super Power Drive For American History Month

" Dollar Super Power " Drive is my request, as founder of an alternative to Black ( Liberal ) History Month, to like minded Americans.

Obamanomics is strangling our wallets and purses. My wallet has become a museum piece since his two terms keep it empty! ( LOL ).

If you have a spare dollar, yes just a dollar, to give to my American History Month effort you will help me accomplish these top two goals:

* Compete with what's become a White-blaming, communist charade using American Black history to weaken the ties that should bind all Americans. That's why I call Black History Month, Black ( Liberal ) History Month.

*Promote appreciation of conservatives; libertarians and other good folks whose stories I happily research  to highlight the other side of the story during February.

US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is my first honoree.

It doesn't take much to fight the good fight.

Sadly, under the anti free market policies currently in place, " not much " might as well be billions of dollars.

Thank you for your past donations and supportive e-mail; tweets and phone calls.

Happy American History Month in February and year round!

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative
504 214-3082

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