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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Conservative Real Life Superheroes ( RLSH )

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Emblem for our " Heroes of America "
Face Book page

America's comic book art form has inspired citizens to perform good deeds and even stop crime in progress.

It draws its appeal from biblical and classical lessons from Antiquity, updated for modern audiences hungry for heroes in these uncertain times.

" Real life superheroes ( RLSH ) " is what the MSM calls us. Yes, I said. "us. " I'm not only Cap Black online, it's who am on the streets too.

Since 2008, I took my various creative patriot activities and placed them under one superhero-inspired real life user name, " Cap Black. "

RLSH at that time were a great group of guys who encouraged each other to do more and better creative good.

As years went on, I noted many of them were politically left of center, but still supporters of private solutions to public problems.

I wish they'd pass this DIY ethic along to the Democrat Party! 

 I added, " The Hood Conservative " to my Cap Black user name to underscore the cultural crisis I faced as a creative patriot in the Hood.

Liberalism is the super villain faced in these ugly zip codes. Thugs I call chocolate Klansmen; drugs; low morals and squalor are all this ideological poison mass produces.

Progressive RLSH can't quite bring themselves to make this connection, despite regular humanitarian visits to these areas.

As an openly conservative RLSH, I've encountered more than a few masked Marxists who were once bosom buddies.

Like more conventional communities, liberals here are opened minded and welcoming UNTIL you state you're ( gasp! ) conservative or Republican.

Then the rumor mill starts churning and imagined wrongs are trumped up to unsuccessfully smear said conservative.

But as a square as I am, each attempt resulted in an epic fail!  
Another creative patriot is my partner in our Heroes of America Face Book page. He's the one and only: Justin Tyme: The Red Neck Superman! 

He promotes patriotism; being a born again Christian; supporting police and the military. He's also an excellent online graphic designer which comes in handy for our Heroes of America Face Book page, where we creatively support conservatism without apology. 

Justin Tyme of Miller South Dakota is his personal Face Book page. Mine is, Cap Black The Hood Conservative.

Only in America could two guys named Cap Black, The Hood Conservative and Justin Tyme, The Redneck Superman, unite!

That's the power of traditional values!  They bring individuals together where lesser ideals drive them apart. 

Conservative and libertarian RLSH activists favorably respond to my political posts and we've formed a center Right network to represent views not usually heard from the liberal RLSH mainstream.

Conventional conservatives probably aren't surprised by this double standard. They're used to being snubbed at work or even by relatives for the " sin " of not being Democrats.

Why should " super " liberals be any more ideologically inclusive? Liberal is liberal, regardless of what one calls oneself or how one dresses.

One irony is how this progressive group reacts to yet another liberal: the two-fisted phenom called Phoenix Jones, hailing from the progressive stronghold of Seattle, Washington.    

While sharing the same progressivism, many liberal RLSH nonetheless trip over themselves denouncing his brashness; PR flair and the fact that, as a mixed martial artist, he's literally able to fight crime!

I've done lawful citizens arrests and broken up more public brawls than I can count. This is also a mainstay of less colorful groups like the Guardian Angels and the overall citizens on patrol concept, which usually stresses not getting physically involved. 

I've questioned Jones tactics myself and even heard disturbing back stories from RLSH he allegedly threatened. My mind is still open because this form of activism just burst upon the scene and so much remains to be understood- even by those doing it.

He, like any of us private citizens, can be held personally liable should we be accused of crossing the line. Phoenix Jones and other RLSH have had this unpleasant experience. 

What Jones' creative critics don't realize is certain outsiders, especially from my community, might just dismiss all the uproar as," They're just mad they were upstaged by a Black guy! " 

I'd hate to see such a liberal group smeared by the " R-Word ( racist ), " the way conservatives, even me, the NAACP life member no less ( LOL ), are by their side of the aisle. 

Conservative " real life superhero " activists are part of the overall traditionalist community who see Obama's two terms as a threat far worse than Marvel's Dr. Doom or DC Comic's Joker.

Conservative " real life superheroes, " like conventional ones, realize the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian ethic are what make America a "super" place to live.

Liberals, "super" and otherwise, often miss that point.

*' Canal St Superhero " is a documentary about me done by Dr. Jonathan Gayles of Georgia State University:

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

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