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Monday, February 18, 2013

Alec Baldwin Uses " C- Word "

Liberal heat throb Alec Baldwin allegedly had a world class Dem Crow attack where he recently called a Black New York Post photographer, among other things, a " coon ."

As if drug dealer  and crack head weren't enough to call an American Black who's also a retired NYPD officer? 

Alec Baldwin sued the " C-Word! " Will Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus ignore daily urban fratricide to banish him from Hollyweird liberaldom? 

Not likely.

It warms my heart to see a high profile member of the so-called " party of the little man " show just how little he always thought of the little man.  

If true, don't expect the pigmentary politburo ruling my figurative side of town ( Black America ) to fall over themselves chastising him.

That's reserved for the likes of Glenn Beck; Rush Limbaugh and other conservative White men whom liberals of all colors feel are America's only racists.

I wonder what Baldwin's lame excuse will be for this tirade, while worried millions of dollars may possibly slip through his fingers?


Demonic possession?



At day's end ( and I could be grievously wrong ), nothing will happen because he's an Hollyweird Democrat and the mainstream media would have to demonstrate rare integrity to  punish him on the merits of this allegation.

We'll see. 

If he did deploy the " C-Word," he quoted from the old school Democrat handbook on what to call Black folks.

Way to go, Alec!

To quote a civil rights activist, Jesse Jackson, who may be allowed to address this case, " Keep Hope Alive! "

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