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Friday, January 25, 2013

Obamaism: Leftist Religiosity

The above sacrilegious image says it all.

Obama isn't the mere beneficiary of a national, secular cult of personality, like these guys.

That's for his more rational liberal lemmings. Their high water mark ends with his being the so-called greatest political leader of all time, which is bad enough.

In American socialism's servant quarters, American Blacks embraced him full bore with the fervor of our African emotionalism, and declared him a " savior."

Obama Saves SC Pastor disparages GOP, describes Obama as Moses, in pre inauguration message
Centuries of acculturation apparently hasn't dimmed this primal urge to declare demi-gods, even in a post modern era, 

statist- sanctioned religiosity ( I won't dignify it with the term, religion ) has spread like wild fire before traditional Americans eyes.

Despite socialism being an atheist doctrine, it will use religion, what Marx denounced as the " opium of the people " to whip spiritual proletarians into a frenzy.

The leftist religiosity which is Obamaism is the linear result of Black Liberation Theology, taken to the nth degree.

Their dream has come true and against all odds,  a Black demi-god rules America. His bi-racial heritage lures guilty Whites into the fold and completes the multi-cultural mosaic, along with Latinos and more recently, homosexuals.

Tribal Blacks, my short hand for Obama's American Black "church", sacrilegiously feel biblical prophesy has been fulfilled. In Obamaism they lose themselves in the ecstatic moment, without fretting over glaring indifference;  epidemic unemployment; homelessness and Black middle class annihilation. 

This leftist religiosity not only casts morally bankrupt Democrats as de facto apostles, but also threatens a line of succession the likes of which America has never seen.

Obamaism is what happens when socialists masterfully manipulate insecure people and religiosity to craft a demi-god as placebo for what ails their followers.

They're better served remembering the words of Thomas Jefferson, who said:

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."
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