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Monday, January 21, 2013

Obama: America's First Pharaoh?

Obama: America’s First Pharaoh? 

Obama Big Government SC Obama: Americas First Pharaoh?
In Western Journalism:
Obama reminds me more of an ancient pharaoh than an American president.
There’s a un-subdued haughtiness that makes me wonder when he’ll declare “So let it be written; so let it be done!”
He carries himself as someone assured his throne atop the tribal pyramid is due to Divine right and nothing less.
I never thought I’d get the chance to see a real pharaoh in action, but now I have a ringside seat.
Obama taps into a subconscious desire many have to be led. His Messianic following has handed him the reins twice, despite a dismal economic record and foreign policy outrages like Benghazi.
The American premise that we’re a free people isn’t automatic. Unless succeeding generations preserve it, none should be surprised that a pharaoh now presides.
Freedom is hard work with no guarantees. Handing it off to one person who says he has all the answers is much easier.
Is it any wonder America’s pharaoh first shed public tears when talking to campaign staffers shortly after his reelection victory?
These peons’ loyalty had rewarded their God-king with another term. He graced them with his presence and rendered the supreme gift of a show of imperial emotion.
As an American whose grandparents and parents, not to mention myself personally, had to earn that title against entrenched opposition, this whole pharaoh thing rubs me the wrong way.
Americans aren’t supposed to bow and scrape before monarchs. I consider monarchy to be a primitive, oppressive concept well beyond its expiration date.
George Washington declined the offer of royalty as reward for his leadership. Notice how our presidents are called “Mr President” and not “Your Highness” or “Sire.”
One day, a future president will be called “Madame President” or “Mrs. President.”
These titles are identical to those used by what monarchies narrow-mindedly refer to as so-called “commoners,” (i.e. you and me.)
Respecting the office of president is something I was weaned on.
Acting like a flunky to a would-be modern pharaoh is something in good conscience I can’t do.
I was born a free man and intend to stay that way.

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  1. Yep, his Smug attitude and Arrogant Behavior is so VISIBLE only the Idiots that think he he their Savior drool all over themselves.
  2. Avatar of robert1407robert1407 says:
    We seen though this super snake oil salesman in the beginning and did not vote for him or support his cause of destroying the Republic which has happened. Your Senators and Representatives have sold us out and we are now controlled by the New Messiah, his minions and Agencies with no controls. Just like the FDA which allows poison drugs that kill and not cure, toxic laced food with things like AZODICARBONAMIDE or ammonium sulfate (fertilizer) and 3000 additional toxins in your food. Why, All for profits and they do not care if your child in mentally or bodily ill from these foods as there is no profit in being honest and caring. I will insert a quote for you to think about: “THE THING THAT BUGS ME IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THE FDA IS PROTECTING THEM. IT ISN’T. THE FDA IS PROTECTING THE PROFITS OF THE CORPORATIONS THAT PAY US AND THE POLITICIANS!” Herbert Ley M,D. Former FDA Commissioner. I know that my Senators have sold us out for the 30 pieces of Blood Stained Silver as they increased the uncontrolled powers to FDA so more people and children can be sicken by the bad drugs and toxin laced foods supply. So, who cares? They all deserved what they get and will live in the New Socialist States of America under the control of the Great Messiah Obama and his crew.
    • Avatar of philsar1103philsar1103 says:
      In Reply to robert1407,
      This so called “Messiah” is also very toxic. He’s like a can of sardines with a four year old experation date. Throw the damn can out before the whole house is contaminated. You’re so right about the FDA. It’s only about the money and profits. They could care less if we live or die. ” You are 9000 times more likely to die from a doctors care than a gun shot.
  3. Avatar of JacobiteJacobite says:
    Sorry, even the Pharaohs weren’t black.
  4. Avatar of barbpattonbarbpatton says:
    The latte one is a great big zero at the end of a contract. I remind myself every now and again that he uses the toilet, as I do, thus I buy his toilet paper and I also buy and supply the Moooooo tampax. Only human and their feet also stink. enough. He is no god and neither is he as pharoah — he is nothing, zilch, nada, bugger all. When he dies he will rot and the worms will eat him – same as me.
  5. Avatar of christianchristian says:
    Yes, people like Obama no nothing about humility and the great merit they can gain, in the eyes of God, if they humble themselves to the lowest point in imitation of Christ. Our Lord condescended to be carried for nine months in a humble virgin’s womb, born in a lowly stable on a cold night, live as a refugee in a foreign land, live a hidden life as a humble carpenter, and die crucified shamefully between two thiieves. Jesus asked His Apostles, “Who is great? The servant or the the master who receives the service of the servant? You might answer the master, but I tell you truly, the servant is great in the sight of God. Children, the little wil be great and the great will be little. I appeal to all My lovers to drop the heavy Cross of pride and take from Me the lightest Cross — humility.” “Not proud, not self-assertive, modest in nature; this is the cornerstone of all virtues.” (Luke 1:52) “He hath put down the mighty from their seat and hath exalted the humble.” (Our Lady’s canticle to St. Elizabeth)
  6. Avatar of Gabor ZolnaGabor Zolna says:
    I agree with your last comment, part of it anyway, where you wrote that you were born free, I disagree with the last part, where you wrote that you intend to stay that way. We will soon have no choice, as the Chinese come to claim our debt, they will become the masters of all of us.
    Scary thought, but nothing else makes any sense, why would they loan us trillions upon trillions knowing that we have no way of ever paying them back? Obama has no intension of slowing down his spending and borrowing additional of trillions of dollars with China being eager to loan us even more.
    There comes a time when all debts will have to be paid and that is whey China collects what is owed to them in the form of what we have and what they do nit have, natural resources and our land for there growing population.
  7. IMO, seeing himself in such a light as it would appear Obama does isn’t necessarily what’s to fear but, rather, the intellectual, emotional, and psychological deficiencies/dysfunction such predilections would indicate exist within him. Many have said he’s “full” of himself. I suspect that’s a little misleading.
    How many tyrants of the past have been found to have, as the driving force for their tyranny, attempts to deal with their insecurities and the ensuing overcompensation? Large, flashy, and expensive cars aren’t enough for people like Obama.

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