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Monday, January 28, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Wont Disarm His Body Guards

These plain clothes NYPD officers ( armed one assumes ) assigned to NY mayor Bloomberg briefly used journalist Jason Mattera as a human ping pong ball on a Washington, DC street.

Here's the video:

He'd dared ask would Bloomberg disarm his security detail in the spirit of gun control. In effect, he questioned whether the mayor would live as he wants average New Yorkers to live: defenseless.

It's a fair question. I support good cops and private officers, but know only politicians and the wealthy  afford them as personal protection.

Joe and Jane America, especially in what I call this " non-economy, " can't afford bodyguards. I have a saying for this safety disparity:

" Rich people get body guards; poor people get shot. "

Average Americans have little recourse in jurisdictions like New York or Chicago, where they're effectively disarmed by socialists unmoved by explosive local murder rates.

The irony is worth figuratively beating these elitest hypocrites over the head with repeatedly. Every anti-gun elected official and celebrity is protected by someone with a gun.

Some of these anti-gun zealots may have statutory authority; licenses or special officer designation allowing them to carry concealed firearms.

An especially arrogant few, may even illegally carry weapons confident it'll be overlooked by the criminal justice systems they control.

Will we become a country where only thugs and the government can be armed?

Looks that way, if we're not careful.

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