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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Marissa Alexander & Obama: Standing Your Ground While Black

Rico Gray admitted to a history of physically abusing his wife, Marrisa Alexander. In a previous incident, Alexander said he beat her so severely she ended up in the hospital and he ended up in jail. "He pushed me, choked me, pushed me so hard into the closet that I hit my head against the wall and passed out for a second," Alexander said.

Originally published on the Loop 21 site: 

This article has been updated in light of Obama's gun ban executive orders signed yesterday.

The same president who can say " if I had a son he'd look like Trayvon ( Martin ) " has mentioned nothing about Marissa Alexander, a Black woman who used her state's " stand your ground  " law to fire a warning shot and was punished for it!

It seems American Blacks who defend ourselves against assault don't have a friend in the White House, which doesn't surprise Hood conservatives like me.

As with the inner city murder rate, Black victims of local self-defense double standards cannot expect this administration to hear their cries.  

One racist legacy of the former Democrat South is hostility toward Black self-defense claims by police; prosecutors and judges.

This racist legacy makes us virtual hostages to downtown thugs and uptown politicians. So long as we die helplessly both sides are content.

Obama's gun ban zeal promises to make this self-defense double standard something Americans of all colors will face.

In the meanwhile, our demographic will surely suffer as local criminal justice systems seek to prosecute more otherwise legal Black gun owners who dare defend themselves like any other American. 

Here's the original article:

WARNING: The following is a PAINFULLY honest set of strong suggestions regarding American while Black availing ourselves of what's commonly called " Stand Your Ground " laws.  

My support of the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with realities of being American While Black. Self-defense when we do it often runs afoul of police and prosecutors who feel only Black folks with badges should ever shoot anybody.

Civilians with year 'round sun tans standing their ground find themselves too often in a world of trouble.

We need look no farther than the Sunshine State of Florida where Marrisa Alexander  humanely fired a warning shot over the head of an abusive spouse; harmed no one and got 20 years as her reward.

Personally, I declined to stand my ground during an early morning attempted home invasion years ago because the DA at that time had ( mis ) handled the Troy Davis case and my anti-police brutality activism promised the worst possible interpretation by local powers-that-be.

As my living room shook from repeated attempts to kick in my front door I called 911; shot gun in other hand and briefed the dispatcher; especially that I was armed. Fortunately the door was a steel security one so kicking it in was highly unlikely.

Political considerations aside I would have let them ( sounded like three suspects ) enter the living room, well inside my house before firing. I even put a shirt on with " Security " on it in bold letters to reduce possibilities that responding officers may mistake me for an assailant.

Some might say I went overboard but excessive risk management is a must when one is American While Black. Our best practices have always included exceeding the letter of the law since presumption of  innocence meant being filtered through some pretty bad software inside police/prosecutor heads

Legal self-defense is a proof of full citizenship. The extent to which local and state authorities deny self-defense use to Black citizens speaks volumes about whether we're full citizens in those jurisdictions. When I say I support good cops ( good prosecutors included ) that doesn't mean I mistakenly think I'm " on the team " and automatically get the breaks a White anti-crime activist might.

It depends upon who answers the call.

Self-defense statutes could help the Hood save itself from thug violence were it not so likely that residents shooting thugs in self-defense will be prosecuted because their color and zip codes didn't match what police and prosecutors feel merited of force.

Marissa Alexander; stand your ground laws and being American While Black plainly demonstrate a double standard exists and we run afoul of it at our eternal peril! I support the 2nd Amendment but that doesn't mean police and prosecutors support my right to avail myself of it through lawful self-defense.  

Being American While Black means if you shoot someone to defend yourself you're going to be convicted- unless you're in law enforcement or are assisting somebody White!

That's as real as I can state it family.

Be very, very careful when considering standing your ground.

Think about Sister Marissa or even Cap Black's advice to be super-cautious.

Be safe.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: All Americans will be subjected to this abuse if proposed gun bans go into effect. Democrats want a helpless populace why can bully into submission.
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