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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jackie Chan: Ingrate

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan posing during a photo call in Hong Kong, on Feb. 26, 2009. File photo via AFP.
The Chinese action star who's a multi-millionaire thanks to capitalism, recently called the United States ( where his fortune was made! ) the " most corrupt country in the world! " Video
Hmm, compared to China, earth's largest totalitarian regime, we're not doing too badly.
Religion of any kind is under government attack there; the violently persecuted Falun Gong faith comes readily to mind.

In this Oct. 1, 2000 police abuse a Falun Gong protester in Tiananmen Square as a crowd watches in Beijing. (AP Photo/Chien-min Chung)

70 million Chinese citizens are now criminals because their government is anti-religion.
Female infants are routinely killed.
Its 97% Han ethnicity often consider, in very politically incorrect terms, the rest of humanity savages.
Yep, compared to these human right abuses, I guess America wins the global corruption sweepstakes.
We've got our problems. from legitimized socialism; to crony capitalism, but we have a system that can correct itself when the public unites.
China isn't even interested in the pretense of changing its imperialist; racist, anti-female culture. If anything, they work to expand that culture's strangle hold over more of the world.
On second thought, wasn't it the " world's most corrupt " country ( America ) that allowed Jackie Chan to become rich beyond his wildest dreams?
Unlike the late Bruce Lee, who loved American culture, Chan seems to overlook this inconvenient truth.
Sounds like a form of corruption Jackie Chan should be grateful to have experienced!
I'll keep this in mind the next time I see him in a commercial.
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