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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gun Bans Offer Affirmative Action For Thugs

A few years ago a group of ne'er do wells tried breaking into my home and the abandoned house next door.
My steel security door kept them from getting in and the shotgun I held was waiting if they somehow successfully broke in

Because we had a Democrat district attorney whose checkered record on color blind justice I'd challenged over the years, I knew shooting would result in:

A) Arrest. The local police at that time didn't like my activism either


B) Grand jury indictment, even though it was a home invasion with multiple suspects!

I called 911; told the dispatcher I was armed and waited. Such is life when racist Democrats control your criminal justice system.

Like a pharaoh of old, Obama just signed a package of executive orders that reminds me of the above Cap Black real life adventure.

Doctors will now serve as de facto firearms enforcement officers assessing whether certain patients need to be scooped by law enforcement. 

Sounds like a good idea, except in the hands of anti-gun liberals don't be surprised if Second Amendment supporters; Tea party members and even Black conservatives find themselves fingered.

Liberals criminalize political differences, so I'd advise Right-leaning Americans to be very wary of 
Democrat doctors and other medical personnel!

They now have the power to do alot more than write you a prescription.

Another acute concern are phony allegations of mental illness being logged into proposed expanded back ground check databases to further disqualify dissidents from owning fire arms..

If it sounds far fetched, please consider how long liberals have worked to disarm average Americans. For a group of secular socialists, this goal is the closest thing they have to a holy grail.

Cloaked in the horrific mass murder of White children to shock America's shrinking majority into compliance, gun rights citizens of all colors just got served notice.

Obama intends to disarm Americans. Democrats will trot out reliable fables of a racist, greedy gun rights movement anxious to make money off of misery.

They not-so subtly suggest treason is also why so many oppose gun bans. Patriots will be spun as pariahs hellbent on waging war against their own country.

Meanwhile back in the Hood, the laughter in the air is from thugs; gangs and homicide rappers who never submit to background checks nor legal purchases for their stockpiles.

They're also laughing because America's first " Black " president ignores chocolate Klansman rampages because poor Black victims aren't Democrats top priority.

This gun ban means even more disarmed, law abiding victims for them to use for target practice. 

Laughter is also heard South of the Boarder for the same reason.  

Who said Affirmative Action was over?

Gun bans are affirmative action programs for individual thugs and street gangs.

That's why they're laughing so hard. Unequal odds over being shot by would-be victims are being evened by the US government.

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