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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fear: Dont Be Scared

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Another of what I call " divine downloads " just posted in the software attached to the hardware between my ears. 

" Fear "

But not the kind to that makes you afraid. This is an acronym which means:

Faith: Without this all long term effort fizzles for lack of tangible results. Belief is the certainty no government can decree.

Enterprise: " The business of America is business " to quote President Calvin Coolige. 

A free market where goods and services can be sold without artificial limits is worth fighting for! It  gives Americans, regardless of background, at least a fighting chance to get head in life.

Achievement: Always excelling or attempting to excel as a way of life sums up this very important word. Doing it as a way of life promises more good news than occasional victories spaced out over decades.

Responsibility: This is the foundation, the bed rock. if you did, good or bad, you've got to own the outcome.

President Harry S Truman personified responsibility with his famous statement, " The buck stops here! "

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said it best:

" You have nothing the fear but fear itself "

My definition of fear as a combination of faith; enterprise; achievement and responsibility is something we shouldn't be afraid.

This kind of fear should be welcomed with open arms!

Don't be scared to succeed!

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