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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Expand Self-Defense Law In High Crime Areas

Thought Experiment: 

A compassionate federal government ( not this one ) passes revolutionary legislation creating " Enhanced Self-defense Zones " or ESZs where  " Stand Your Ground " transforms into " Defend Your Turf " for inner city; Mexican Border and rural communities with extraordinarily high violent crime rates.

Imagine the feds considering citizens grown enough and moral enough to mow down thugs foreign and domestic on our own?

Naww, couldn't happen. Government prefers otherwise able-bodied adults depend upon the handful of local; state; federal and military personnel to do the heavy lifting.

An uncomfortable truth for some is there will never be enough government protective employees to serve as each American's personal body guard. Into this void willing citizens can step but obviously shouldn't unless current law is radically re-envisioned.

Gun owners who follow the rules aren't the ones using city streets for target practice. Thugs often aren't even supposed to have guns because of felon status; clearly have no rules of engagement and obviously don't inform authorities of what they're stockpiling or its illicit purpose.

The ESZ concept smacks of state-sanctioned vigilantism but actually is a cry to recognize just how brutal thugs are becoming in certain parts of the United States.

Don't be surprised if the day comes when a future President; Congress and US Supreme Court unite to craft and uphold the constitutionality of such a measure.

We can choose now to reduce thugs reign of terror by squashing racial; ideological and other beefs in favor of supporting unbiased policing and prosecution of professional predators, individually and as organizations.

Failing this, bills like my " Enhanced Self-defense Zone " could eventually become reality. Expanding self-defense law in high crime areas maybe seen as civil rights legislation equal to anything Lincoln; LBJ or Nixon signed.  

New Orleans is where I live. It would be a prime test city for such policy.


Thought Experiment over.

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Originally posted April 22nd, 2012 in Move-On-Up.Org

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