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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Conservative White Folks: Stand Up!


There's nothing more frighting than watching a great culture commit suicide. A golden calf of Marxist madness is being offered for America's majority to worship. 

American Whites who practice traditional values are battered by a liberal demon seed commanding Black, Brown; Gay and other shock troops.

" Diversity " is a loaded gun placed roughly to their heads by collectivists who want America as its been to cease to exist.

The absence of a large, organized conservative lobby among American Blacks leads many Whites under the gun to assume we want this too!

My lifes ambition isn't to drag Whites who practice traditional values down into the gutter. I hate the radical Left at least as much as any conservative or even nationalist White person.

While today's society and free markets can tweak itself to recognize Black input, a socialist society offers no such amendment processes.

Liberal attacks on Whites who practice traditional values, is a harbinger for enslavement awaiting anyone who does the same.

Toppling conservative Whites in America mans Karl Marx dream finally came true!

Conservative  White folks need to stand up and say no to cultural suicide!

Obviously, I'm not White, but I am on your side.

An America under godless; morally relativistic, anti-capitalists who hate the Founding Fathers ( Booker T Washington & conservative Blacks too! ) is a hell on earth.

Stand up conservative White folks- don't let liberals make you bow to the golden calf of socialism!

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