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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coming Apart Is Charles Murrays Canary In A Cage

American sisters and brothers, Dr. Murray's 1994 book, " The Bell Curve ", touched off heated debates about race and intelligence. which accomplished little more than hard feelings and an even harder Left opposing everything traditionalists of any color cherish.
Fast forward now to his book, " Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010 " and see how the traditional values vacuum normally associated with the Hood now menaces the proverbial Heartland.

Unwed motherhood, among other threats. is becoming status quoin communities far removed from the morally moribund Hood. 
The inner city was socialism's beach head. Here, they undermined faith; family; patriotism; productive fellowship; legal work and other indispensible habits.
Everyone assumed that's where the cultural carnage would end, 
It didn't.
Socialist expansionism isn't complete until a society's majority stakeholders are dragged down from their positions and sentenced to serfdom. 
The only other options available are imprisonment and execution.
I've watched and fought the socialist's sun tanned cadre for a lifetime. They've conquered most American Blacks and control our community's normal looking religious; social; educational and civic institutions,
Now they're openly marching toward your part of America, aided and abetted by not only known socialist strongholds in academia and the Democrat party, but also strengthened by a large fifth column of everyday American Whites whose values are anything but traditional. 
I consider this book to be a literal canary in a cage, warning traditionalists of all colors that socialism stands poised to defeat America's shrinking majority, which in turn makes their victory over this country complete.

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