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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Brad Thor Exposes Liberal Bigot Who Attacked Crystal Wright

Conservative commentator Crystal Wright

White liberals think they literally own Black people! They consider us their "ni$$ers " unless told otherwise!

This racist arrogance is why liberal bigot Scott Colbert called conservative commentator Crystal Wright  an " Aunt Tom " and a " c-nt " in an ill fated tweet which cost him a book contract with his publisher.

Here's the exchange:
Publisher Drops Author for Sending Black Conservative Woman Vile Racist Tweet
Conservative author Brad Thor ( at the bottom of the screen ) was the one who let freedom ring and sounded the alarm.

I'll be fair and wait to see if the NAACP; Rev Al Sharpton or even the high profile hate group, The New Black Panther Party will rush to defend Ms. Wright and Black conservative women generally.

Please note, I won't hold my breath. Just like in plantation days of old, today's racists who are liberal also have Black henchmen providing aid and comfort for compensation packages that Judas would envy.

As a civil rights activist who isn't a liberal, it's a sweet irony that a White, male conservative came to this sisters defense.   

Liberal Blacks should place Dem Crow 2.0 software on pause, to note this episode of American brotherhood from someone their programming states is automatically bigoted.

Another instance where I won't hold my breath waiting.

New lows were set in pornographic disrespect  toward Black women who aren't liberal during the 2012 election when Black liberals viciously attacked actress Stacey Dash for supporting Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. 

Would-be slave master Scott Colbert thought the vulgarity license extended to him since he's a member of the Left's ruling class.

It didn't.

My question is,  will all our pork chop nationalists and progressive pundits fall over themselves attacking this clear cut case of racism?

Since the bigot in question is a liberal, probably not.

They know better than to question their Marxist masters- that's Rule number One in the Dem Crow 2.0 software agreement: react to alleged conservative racism only.

Otherwise, if a White liberal does something more racist than usual, keep your mouth shut BOY!

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