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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Be Bold: Escape The Black Trap

In the 21st century, perceiving yourself as primarily " Black " to the exclusion of individuality is tantamount to inserting a foot into an ideological bear trap, which will maim you.

Hereafter dubbed, " the Black trap, " this act of tribal self-checking allows liberals of all colors to move us on the American checker board without accountability.

Tribal desperation gave Obama high majorities of the Black vote twice, in exchange for economic devastation the likes of which we've never seen.

That's tribal Blacks fault- not ritually invoked evil conservatives and Republicans. That's the self-checked position one assumes while captive within the Black trap.

We who aren't in the Black trap have no indebtedness to tribal mindsets which undermine merit; traditional values and political options.

For the duration of Obama's second term, I list my ethnicity as " Bold ", meaning an American who thinks as an individual, instead of like an appendage attached to a collective.

Bold Americans who happen to be Black are citizens of the present. No recitation of past injustice outweighs current self-development and effort.

As bad as this economy is, especially for American Blacks, how is obsessing about yester-year supposed to improve things?

Bold thinkers disarm the Black trap be thinking for themselves, instead of relying on debilitating downloads from the pigmentary politburo. 

The Black trap isn't White folks fault. Instead of deleting past patterns of servitude and mediocrity, they've metastasized into this self=checked mindset.

Black trap thinkers en masse are low level socialists who can't hold the group accountable for anything. 

The way their White former Soviet peers praised the butcher Stalin is how they laud Democrats who keep a foot firmly on their necks.

Chocolate Klansmen murdering inner city residents with abandon are cast as victims of racism.
Politicians; executives and activists who abuse the public trust through fraud and nepotism are cast as victims of racism.

This low level socialism mandates the Black collective is blameless and White conservatives are the culprit, despite freely chosen wrong doing.

Low level Black trap thinkers are fodder for social programs funding a middle class of office over seers.

They are human statistics used to validate social service budgets liberal politicians inflate to reward donors and buddies.

The Black trap is behavioral baggage we're better suited tossing on the ash bin of history, instead of carrying like anchors around our necks.

Be Bold, escape the Black trap and become individuals trying to maximize present  ( admittedly scarce ) opportunities, instead of avoiding them.

if Black was beautiful in the 60s and 70s, Bold is better for the 21st Century!

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