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Friday, January 4, 2013

American Santas: Let's Help Vance Major The VMan

Vance Major The VMan

Fellow Americans, it's time yet again to reach deep within,while also strengthening ties that bind with our national extended family.

Vance Major aka the V Man is a quiet patriot who spends most of his waking hours helping others: family; friends and strangers get his attention.

They get so much of his attention he can barely stay awake most days. Vance doesn't complain, he just keeps squeezing more good out of 24 hours than most think is possible.

He's a fan of the great American comic book art form. Its four color inspiration spurs his do gooding done in these challenging three dimensions we call the real world.
The real life villain called The Recession has hit Vance with its financially fatal form of Kryptonite.

He recently lost a job and as such, everything from the roof over his head to his wife's education is now a gamble.

I'm proud to call this man my brother and as such am initiating this plea as the first act of the American Santa project I've had in mind.

Americans are generous people. Santa Claus is a beloved symbol of Christmas generosity. I humbly submit that American exceptionalism can share Christmas generosity year round.

That's the American Santa Motto: " Christmas Year Round! "

In that spirit, I'm asking for patriots to join my " Any Dollar Super Power " Donation to Vance Major, the "V Man", to help him like he's helped so many others, so often.

" Any Dollar " means just that, any amount from a dollar on up. American Santas aren't often rich in material things but are wealthy in spirit! 

God bless America!

Vance can be contacted on Face Book at:

Cap Black The Hood Conservative
American Santa Organizer
Byers Choice Patriotic Santa

" Be your OWN Superhero!"

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