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Friday, November 30, 2012

Charity Begins At Home

Black conservatives; traditionalists and other concerned stakeholders of all stripes have a golden opportunity now that Election 2012 has ended. 
Working in the inner city is our beach head. While I favor the GOP, my over riding concern is the moral and material resurrection of Black culture and the inner city.
White sisters and brothers have a stake in this process, but the lions share of it is ours alone. That's not a racist assessment. It's a realist one summed up by the old saying, " charity begins at home."
Conservatives; traditionalists and other concerned stakeholders already deploy faith-based; civic and individual efforts against the vulgarity; violence and hopelessness spewing from our culture and its gaping wound, the inner city.
We need to network these efforts better since the foreseeable future promises no relief. Our moral and material resurrection is the fabled balm in Gilead sought for generations.
A Black president should be filed away as a historic footnote while redoubling private attempts to preside better over the mess we've inherited.
Challenging municipal; county and state leadership over hot button urban priorities like education and public safety await aggressive, coordinated action.
The irony is this won't be a solely Black conservative project. For instance, most Black school choice proponents are inner city Democrats acting independent of teachers unions or even elected officials.
A recent Journey For Justice 2012 march on DC wasn't led by black Republicans. It was the brainchild of Democratic Chicago education activists, from Obama's district no less, networking with big city counter parts to protest urban public school closures supported by the US Department of Education.
Black conservatives who haven't already, should join forces with this faction attacking failed majority Black school systems and bureaucrats enabling them.
Community exclusion from charter school governance is a reform flash point. Residents complain about toothless advisory committees and lack of a quorum of these institution's boards.
Real community oversight of charter school executive functions and relative lack of Black owned charter operators being granted contracts in majority Black districts are home rule issues  community conservatives can appreciate.   
My time with otherwise liberal New Orleans education reformers has been very rewarding. Our battle for smarter, safer charter schools with real community oversight is key to creating smarter, safer inner cities.
Crime prevention is another area enjoying broad coalition support. Most of the Black men foot patrolling dangerous neighborhoods are Democrats.
Their major point of demarcation with their party is eschewing police ( government ) as the primary public safety provider in favor of a more active community security role.
Under the auspices of community oriented policing this more active role is  theoretically welcome. My experience  has been Black citizen patrols are often viewed skeptically but eventually as accepted.
Speculation includes racism and the rarity of such activism as probable causes, The Nation of Islam's decades-long street outreach and Rev Al Sharpton's recent Occupy The Corners initiative are prime examples.
Other notable inner city anti-crime coalitions include the late Herman Wrice Mantua Against Drugs; Concerned Black Men; Mad Dads; Security Dads and the now-defunct Detroit 300. 
Detroit 300 began in February 2012, Black History Month ironically enough and achieved great successful in tracking down rape suspects and other serious threats.
When one of their members was murdered this June, the group lost its cohesion as grief proved the one foe they couldn't defeat.
Detroit 300 was singular in its no-nonsense focus on declaring Black men preying on the community their "... enemy- period! ' to quote its co-founder at their first press conference.
Street conservatives will find ready allies in a non-partisan crusade against ills the Right usually decries from the safety of hotel or conference room podiums.
My years as a street traditionalist whom conservative personality Sonnie Johnson finally convinced to join the conservative fold, have been fruitful.
The message of personal responsibility; old school values; not accepting criminality as the only inner city identity and mutual aid is preached by Black conservatives; traditionalists and other concerned stakeholders alike.
Groups like Hood Conservatives and online site Move On's various real world affiliates have more Black conservatives hitting the streets.
Charity begins at home and those active in the Hood need more boots on the ground.
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party. asks:
" When will Black folks be Bold again?"
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Hanger!

Painter and Wile E. Coyote: You just know is isn't going to end well for either of them.
Tax hikes?/When budget is uncorrected//Jobs gone/Homes unprotected/"Republicans" voting this//Shouldnt be/Reelected #tcot Freedom Verse via Twitter from Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

"Read my lips, no-new-taxes" famously said George H W Bush, one of my favorite presidents. He raised them and it's argued cost himself conservative votes during his unsuccessful reelection bid.
Tax hikes are a Republican no-no. At least theoretically. 
Conservative icon Ronald Reagan is accused of signing the biggest tax increase in American history: $85.3 billion! This 1982 move isn't usually associated with his great legacy.
Raising taxes usually means job producers horde assets; hide them overseas and fire employees- alot of them! Some businesses simply close their doors; bid workers farewell and morph into new enterprises.
Congressional Republicans anxious to look good after the Obama reelection victory seem poised to ignore dire consequences and raise taxes to benefit themselves- not Americans without big legislative salaries and astronomical perks. 
Caught in the crossfire are a ( barely ) working class and ( almost out of ) business owners crushed in a vice grip squeezing economic lifesblood out with no regard for their survival.
Big name Republicans on Capitol Hill are talking compromise with Obama, from Speaker of the House Boehner on down.  
Brent Bozell, Media Research Center founder and premiere organizer of conservative fund raisers, has threatened to have donors stop funding congressmen who support this tax increase and the GOP itself.
Very ominous.
I'm interested to see how this fiscal cliff hanger turns out.
Will GOP Republicans push conservatives and the country off the fiscal cliff to save themselves when the 2014 mid term elections roll around?
Stay tuned broke fans- same broke time; same broke channel.
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party. warns:
" Wear a parachute cuz I think the GOP on Capitol Hill will push us off the fiscal cliff to save their careers!"
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Since Black Now Means Supporting Obama Blindly, Bold Is My New Ethnicity Part Two

The old Black identity doesnt describe me/My color is Bold/My race Humanity/My creed Liberty-NOT blame Whitey #tcot Freedom Verse via Twitter - Cap Black, The Hood Conservative
I grew up having to defend my Blackness from primitive White racists in my home town. The only definition I've ever accepted of me is my own- NOT what others attempt to impose.
The last thing I ever wanted to be was a chocolate colored reflection of their blind bias.
I knew the identity I was born into was formed from a time of forced conformity.  It's not a free orientation. As an " uber individualist, " to quote one observer, that became problematic as years passed.
This holdover identity from segregation has one mandate: unanimous consent keeps the racist sword of Damocles from falling. 
This mandate has has run its course.
I fully understand and appreciate its role as a survival mechanism, but now it's devolved into often crude thought policing and frankly, can't address current problems.
Group-think isn't stopping our murder rate. Nor single mother household rate. Nor number of males under state supervision rate. Nor unemployment; middle class asset attrition and other negative quality of life indicators.   
We demand nothing of the party we support and impose gag orders on frank discussion on our condition.
Such group-think gives Democrats our vote without their even needing to earn it. This group-think placed Obama on a pedestal so high that even his abject failure to address our economic crisis still earned him almost 100% of our vote.
Black now means Obama supporter. As an individualist, I don't allow others to define me. That's why I said for the duration of his second term, i'll no longer call myself Black since this is now linked to approving of him,
Bold is my new ethnic identifier. It's not a stretch since I've fought opposition without hesitation for a lifetime. After all the racism Black Baby Boomers and my Generation X has seen,  it's tragic to see us goosestep behind this brightest star in the Black Faces In High Places constellation.  
Our group-think also places a gag order on denouncing a growing Ghetto class whose vulgarity and violence send Black professionals in orbit faster than the White Flight liberals love noting.
Bill Cosby is a liberal "mugged by reality" to quote how former new York Mayor Ed Koch described himself. Cosby's blessed assault on ghetto-centrism is applauded by many while opposed by fellow liberals more loyal to group-think than higher standards.
Cosby is an Obama supporter and reportedly took his dead parents photos with him when he voted. Since his net worth outpaces his detractors I guess the group is too scared to challenge his ghetto denunciations. 
The same goes for progressive icons Cornell West and Tavis Smiley who tried to challenge our group=think from another angle: challenging Obama's snub of the Black community throughout his first term.
A few high profile dissidents si a good start, but not nearly enough. Hopefully rumors of Black leaders intention to hold Obama more accountable will yield results.
The 21st Century shouldn't see us marching lock step behind people because of skin color  and silent about a destructive faction again, because of skin dolor. 
Just like I couldn't be part of a subservient Black group in my racist hometown, neither can I be part of one now despite racists now resembling me.
No one man should be allowed to define community membership.
When Obama leaves Washington to return to private life, perhaps I'll start calling myself Black again. The end result of my activism was never to be any ones flunky- regardless of color.
I'm Bold, not Black, now that it means Obama worshipper.
Tavis Smiley & Cornell West on Election 2012
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party. asks:
" When will Black folks be Bold again?"
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Make Peace With America & Wage Moral War Against Whats Wrong With America!

" Affirmative activism " is what I do. Where liberal peers are against racism; against police brutality; against income inequality and against a host of other things I offer uplifting alternatives .
i also oppose racism; police brutality and crony capitalism but my list of what I'm "far" exceeds what I'm against.
Briefly, I'm for: God; America; the flag; the Constitution; traditional values; Pro-life; patriotism; cop/community unity; Black political freedom ( voting more than Democrat ); the 2nd Amendment; mutual aid to the needy; personal responsibility; school choice with a real community voice sharing governance; marriage as being between a man and woman with faith communities free to sanctify whom they choose; adoption; last but not least, Israel; you get the idea.
There are so many wonderful things to be "for' in this country. This doesn't mean turning a blind eye to injustice but we shouldn't deny good either.
Affirmative activism demands upgrading beyond the old protest model. Being " professionally angry ' like some of Black America's 1960s retreads leaves you a pariah when it's time to coalition build and make changes.    
I strive to give myself and by extension others more to say, "Yes! " to- literally and figuratively. 
Applied to my work with urban males this means more individuals saying " Yes! " to personal responsibility and patriotism means fewer saying ' No! ' to obeying the law and community standards.
Brothers, make peace with America and let's wage moral war against what's wrong with America!
My hand is outstretched and waiting. :)    
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HOODCONSERVATIVE, MY ONLINE NEWSPAPER Traditional Values From The 'Wrong" Side of Town! 
#CAPBLACKTHEHOODCONSERVATIVE, MY BLOG  Defiant Defenses of Traditional Values Amid Black America's Cultural Implosion! 

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Black Generation Xers Should Put Group-Think In A Museum!

What is your responsibility when you're born free? 
Black Generation Xers should ask ourselves this question seriously and often. We had a more-or-less intact family unit; socIal infrastructure and traditional values to nurture us.
Compared to the bleakness of Generation Y; we lived in a paradise, unfortunately the swan song of a Golden Age of Black infrastructure.
While we experienced overt racism, we also experienced unprecedented opportunities and taboos falling as we entered adulthood. Consequently, we don't have to continue the group-think which was once Black America's chief survival mechanism.
Obama's monopoly on the Black vote is due to group-think dictating Black success is possible only if " one of us " ( which he isn't ) is president. 
This group-think is a product of defunct segregation and doesn't address America today. It gives silver tongued opportunists a leash which Black folks place around their necks to be led to the polls.
Black Generation Xers should promote a more individualized assessment. Put group-think in a Black history museum somewhere and focus on case-by-case analysis of issues.
We're not under Jim Crow and its Northern equivalent anymore. We don't owe anyone our support based on color alone.
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party. asks:
" When will we assess things individually instead of through group-think? "
#IsraelPeriod #NoLoveForThugs
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Private Security: A Dangerous & Necessary Service

1/22/2012  Murder of Critical Intervention Services Officer Michael Valentin
My brothers at Critical Intervention Services lost an officer Thanksgiving Eve.

CIS officer Michael Valentin died patrolling a Tampa community his company specializes in serving. As an anti-crime activist and security professional, this is beyond tragic on many levels.

Please consider:

A father and husband fell serving America in a profession many may not consider dangerous and necessary. Private Officer International ( POI), of which I'm a proud member, documented these sobering 2011 statistics:

*Over 37,000 reported assaults against contract and proprietary officers; loss prevention agents and private police officers.

*These assaults resulted in 13, 700 injuries,

* 114 reported deaths while on duty, broken down by POI, is as follows:

54 Gunshots
11 Stabbing
19 Trauma/Assault
10 Car Accidents
6 Industrial Accidents
14 Unclassified
The average age of the security officer killed in the line of duty was 38.
The states with the most incidents of security officer injuries, assaults and deaths included New York, California, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee, Louisiana, Virginia, Indiana, and Nevada.  

High risk communities like those CIS serves also base my activism. My urging urban males to " Make Peace With America",  resembles CIS innovative Community and Character Based Protection Initiative ( CCBPI ).

Officers like Michael Valentin are applied theorists serving communities whose infrastructures shudder under rampant social disorder. These men and women partner with residents and other stakeholders to reclaim these areas as prequel to restoring them.

Losing such a compassionate and competent person is incalcuable. Valentine was a force multiplier equivalent to several professionals from other disciplines. 

It's particularly painful to read that conflict deescalation was one of his specialties. Zip codes like mine are short on viable referees, making this loss even more tragic.

America; his family; CIS and urban stakeholders lost a rare ally in these trying times. 

The upside is Critical intervention Services attracts those like Officer Valentine, who privately do the work of many during their shifts.

I celebrate the life and service of CIS officer Michael Valentin and ask patriots to share their condolences with the great institution which employed him. 

Private security is a dangerous and necessary public service. We should consider that next time we see a private officer on duty.

RIP Officer Valentin. Thank you for your service to our country. CIS homepage Private Officer International 2011 Private Security Officer Deaths link.

Nadra Enzi ( Cap Black, The Hood Conservative )
504 214-3082

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Defusing The Minority Male Criminal Mindset

Picture of Bloods & Crips
Minority males are often recruited for criminal or even terrorist activities. From America's ghettos to Gaza, disaffected young men of color are lured into violence against innocents in the name of retribution.
A common theme emerges- feeling like outcasts.
For American Black youth, race is the reason they feel like outcasts, Often growing up in low income, high crime areas, they can easily look at White peers as wealthy enemies.
Arab youth feel religion is the cause of percieved hardship at Israeli hands. They are encouraged to view Jews as not just enemies but also worthy of extermination.
No minority male is born to be a Blood; Crip or Hamas member. His country provided hotly contested bias which plotters used to manipulate children into becoming criminals and terrorists.
Images like these above are contested by minority males such as the President of the United States and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
Minority men and women serve at high levels here and in Israel but whisperers urge youth to dismiss evidence to the contrary about exclusion.
This Thanksgiving offers several salient points to be thankful about:
*Minority males here aren't using rocket launchers on the authorities.
*Inner city neighborhoods aren't subjected to airstrikes as preamble to tank columns and combat troops. 
Look at Gaza, and whether you're liberal or conservative, tell me you don't say, " Thank God it's not here! "  
America has major racial; class and political problems- no doubt about it. The fact that our imperfect system perfected itself to allow a Clarence Thomas or Barack Obama to enter leadership proves there's hope.
Defusing the American minority male criminal mindset requires latter day runaway slaves and White abolitionists to preach personal responsibility and mutual aid louder than predatory responses and mutually assured destruction in the inner city.
Too many minority male youth feel they're outcasts and thus fall into the trap of acting like savages to the accompaniment of peers doing the same.
Look at what's going on in Israel and ask yourself, shouldn't Americans of all colors be thankful our issues don't become that intense? 
American petty criminals and gang bangers should also be thankful they live in a country that offers them chance and after chance to reform.
Be thankful American family, and let's work harder to change minority male mindsets so our streets don't literally become battle fields one day.
My prayers go to the the Israeli people and those in Gaza held hostage by thugs.
My prayers also go to innocents imprisoned behind burglar bars in the American inner city.
Responsible men here and abroad must defuse many more minority male minds because headlines indicate the wrong mindset appears to be winning! 
 Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party. asks:
" When did it become wrong to support society? "
#IsraelPeriod #NoLoveForThugs
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Cap Black On Ringside Politics With A Punch

Cap Black On "Ringside Politics With A Punch" Discussing Election 2012; GOP diversity & crime. (New Orleans, LA)

Cap Black On Willie Lawson Show

The Willie Lawson Show - Nadra Enzi

by Willie Lawson

Today on the Willie Lawson Show the One and only Nadra Enzi. AKA Cap Black-The Hood Conservative. MAKING PEACE WITH AMERICA is my method for getting urban males to transform their pain into patriotism. Chocolate Klansmen ( thugs ) are my arch enemies.An economic lifetime ago I donated $10,000 to Savannah State University's Model United Nations team so they could go to Scotland. Hope to top that ASAP! lol. Also a member of what the media calls the " real life superhero " ( RLSH ) movement. BE YOUR OWN SUPERHERO!

Taking It Back To The Old School- Before It's Too Late!

 "Conservative" is a word that gives Black folks hives. Substitute the phrase, "old school" and the same concept is welcomed with open arms.
Old school Black values are championed by two main camps: nationalists and moderate-conservatives. Obviously this doesn't exclude liberals nor less moderate conservatives from its ranks.
Nationalists and moderate-conservatives are very active constituencies. Differences aside, they form the last line of defense old school values have against decline. 
That's also why I chose Marcus Garvey and Martin Luther King as symbols of what these camps do in the community.
Marcus Garvey's old school approach was to construct a nation-within-nation for eventual repatriation back to Africa.
He took our traditional values and wed them to an infrastructure whose end game was creating an independent nation.
While the nation didn't materialize this bold re-interpretation left an indelible imprint on the Black nationalist wing of the old school.
Dr Martin Luther King's old school approach was challenging the system both in court and on the streets.
He and his followers offered their bodies to force government to recognize our citizenship.
Nameless parents; grand parents; aunts; uncles; neighbors; instructors; coaches; cops; fire fighters and others offer daily old school examples.
One of my favorite old school New Orleans examples is an immigrant police officer whose street name is Panama, He isn't merely by-the-book- he IS the book.
Panama follows the rules and while he talks tough to violators also helps the needy on his beat. He is a perfect ambassador of old school Black conservative values like trustworthiness which should be on display more.
We who preserve the old school know our cultural incline is getting steeper by the minute. 
Once common sense prohibitions against crime and public indecency are growing more distant with each decade. Old school proponents fight a war of inches against the popularity of grotesquely anti-social behavior.    
As much as Black America needs representation on both side of the political aisle, there's an even greater need for old school values to get representation too.
Coalitions of concern already exist in the form of mentor programs; peer counseling and character education initiatives. These non-partisan, non-sectarian vehicles should be go-to places for old school proponents. 
From 100 Black Men and Boys and Girls Club on the low income end to Jack and Jill for the middle class, mentorship is a strategic weapon in the war to preserve old school values.
My mentoring occurs on Canal St side walks where young men there are always in need of conversation or something to eat.
Unemployment and homelessness are epidemic among Black New Orleanians. A dollar menu item is all that guards against hunger for many downtown. 
Old school values are all we have left in the face of what I call "urban death culture."
'Taking it back to the old school" is a line from a rap song. It's also the formula for re-programming whatever percentage we can in the face of ever-worsening behavioral norms.
We can use more Marcus Garveys and Dr Kings instead of who we see on the six o'clock news and in music videos.
In selecting Garvey and King I paid homage to the chief camps of the old school, nationalists and moderate-conservatives, both of whom preached similar doctrine about our conduct and institution building.
While their differences are noted, the old school traditions they championed are worth continuing today- before it's too late!
 Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party. asks:
" When did being old school become wrong? "
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