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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sun Tanned Socialists Vs American Blacks Who Aren't!

Idi Amin, classic sun tanned socialist

America isn't perfect. 

She's also exceptional many ways. One of her greatest exceptionalism is an epic capacity for self-correction as enshrined in the constitution's amendment process. 

This great exceptionalism allows me to love America for all that's right about her, while not ignoring imperfections.

Absent this, a long list of groups would still suffer second citizenship or worse. This point is often overlooked by liberal sisters and brothers working the " Blame America " circuit.

I watch them on TV and online: well fed; high middle class or even wealthy, saying how hard it is being Black in America before hopping back in the limo. While applauding their economic success, it's troubling their message isn't more affirmative.

My nick name for them is " sun tanned socialists " and they are the fifth column Nikita Khrushchev warned would silently conquer America one ideological spoonful at a time.

" What's so bad about sun tanned socialism Cap Black? It's about fairness for our people! " some may ask.

Fairness is a loaded term. Sun tanned socialist version of this term leads to the following ( sometimes fatal ) folly:

* In the name of fairness, murderous thugs I call " chocolate Klansmen " are re-branded manipulated political prisoners; terrorizing gangs are called " street organizations, 'as if we're now describing boy scout troops.

* In the name of fairness an informal gag order exists in liberal Black America forbidding criticism of president Obama. 

He has become chieftain of liberal Black America, so much so that even progressive icons Cornell West and Tavis Smiley face excommunication for daring to question their tribal ruler.

* In the name of fairness we still use the label " Black " or " African American " to describe ourselves; organizations and cultural products oblivious to irony while pouncing upon Whites for doing the same. 

There was time when such measures were necessary. Now, in the wake of epic progress, it isn't. Our failure to promote one standard for all ethnicities creates deep resentment instead of deeper reconciliation.     

* In the name of fairness low income American Blacks are told to vote for snobbish Democrats ones of all colors who only acknowledge them near election time.

* in the name of fairness the above cited informal gag order mandates not denouncing Black perpetrators of crime against White sisters and brothers.  

Obligatory disclaimers about historic jury nullification and racist lynch mobs are substituted for remorse. Any ensuing White resentment is labeled racist and dismissed.

Lost in transmission is the irony of how liberal Blacks now do what was once done to their community.

*In the name of fairness it's okay to heap every taboo stereotype and porno graphic vulgarity upon Black women who dare question loyalty to liberalism; Democrats and Obama.

Comments made against " Blacklash " author Deneen Borelli and actress Stacey Dash would embarrass the worst White supremacist.

You get the idea. I grew up at the " Dawn of the Sun Tanned Socialist " and work to hasten their sunset. Their moral relativism has nearly destroyed our poor and stands poised  to do even worse.

This culture war between sun tanned socialists and those of us who aren't is worth watching if outsiders are interested.

Beating them in popular culture; on the ballot; in the pulpit and inside civil rights organizations will deliver socialists of all colors their worst defeat since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Sounds good to me,

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative, says,
" I'm The Arch Enemy of Sun Tanned Socialists! "

Help Cap Black Help Others!
" Be your OWN Superhero!"

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