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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Salvation Army Under Attack

Salvation Army bell ringers are welcome reminders of our duty to help others. Well, maybe not welcome by everybody.
Real life grinches ranging from Walmart to the Associated Students of the University of California, at liberal epicenter Berkley, want them muted or, in UC-Berkley’s case: banished!
A Potsdam, New York bell ringer outside a local Wal Mart was told he can’t play holiday tunes on his trumpet to entertain customers. Wal Mart’s corporate spokes person said this complies with an agreement with the Salvation Army  to provide a ” distraction free ” environment for shoppers, staff and volunteers.  
Singing is now banned too on their properties. 
To its credit, WalMart raised more than $46 million dollars for the charity last year, Too bad that’s colored by silly prohibitions like these.   

I’m all for capitalism, but major corporations seem to be getting more crass with each passing second. I’d assume they’d realize a majority Christian clientele would react favorably to live holiday music. 
Moving right along.
Nestled in the bleeding heart of America’s Left Coast is the University of California-Berkley, infamous for inflecting generations of radicals upon the nation.
Not surprisingly, members of their Associated Students of the University of California, passed a bill banning bell ringers from their campus.
What could a sane Salvation Army bell ringer do to merit such a severe penalty?
Alleged homophobia by the charity nationwide is the offense, Complaints have been compiled by LGBT activists accusing soup kitchens and shelters of discrimination.
There you have it my fellow Americans!
Just when you thought liberals couldn’t sink any lower now they’re demonizing the Salvation Army.
Make extra sure you give them a donation.
In this strange new land we find ourselves in it might be illegal to even be a Salvation Army bell ringer next year.    
I never thought the Salvation Army would come under attack!
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative, asks,
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