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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Americana Week: Patriotic Alternative To Kwanzaa

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As an American, I hereby offer the following observance, 'Americana Week, " as a patriotic alternative to Kwanzaa.
Starting Dec 26th-January 1st, 2013, I suggest using each to day to remember how we helped fellow Americans during these challenging times.
Recalling and sharing best practices from our common tradition is its goal.
Let's recap each year as a way to unite Americans, as opposed to Kwanzaa's separatism. I used to participate in Kwanzaa, but found its cumbersome ritual and focus to be socialism draped in east African lore.
Socialists have thoroughly infiltrated American Black culture to such an extent that I refer to it as a " Soviet client state " which ironically outlived the old Soviet Union.
Outcast group think is down loaded into young minds from every institution within our infected infrastructure. Once mainstream organizations like churches and the NAACP now merely offer less extreme socialism than bombastic militants.
Recognizing our heritage is fine- so long as we incorporate our American identity into the recognition. Promoting a " we're outcasts " mentality only creates more of what we don't need: criminals; con artists and otherwise responsible stakeholders who enable them.
Kwanzaa's founder, Maulana Karenga, is accused of torturing women; fostering violence against other nationalists and inventing this observance for less than noble reasons.
Its obsession with indoctrinating participants into a decidedly collectivist identity is at odds with their American one. This feature alone raised red flags in my mind for decades.
It overall lack of relevance in our daily lives was the other concern. As American citizens in the 21st Century, just how useful is seeing ourselves as outcasts in a hostile land? 
That's why Americana Week crossed my mind.
American Blacks, like everyone else, should recount people; events and movements which helped America this year.
Our future rests upon how well we unite as communities and countrymen to address challenges affecting all of us- regardless of ethnicity or creed.
That's why Americana Week is a patriotic alternative to Kwanzaa. Its focus isn't on creating outcasts like Karenga desired.
Americana Week seeks to share best practices from the past year in order to make the next year (s) better. 
The best part is all Americans can share this week as the extended family we are!
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  1. Can I get in on this? I'm a pale face. I'll make 2013 Americana Year. Thx for a good article.

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