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Monday, December 31, 2012

American Unity Promise

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A new year is an invitation to become a new you. Millions more new selves can get America out of the deepening rut she finds herself in.
In this spirit, I offer this American Unity Promise in anticipation of 2013's Martin Luther King Jr Day and American History Month ( my patriotic alternative to Black History Month ).
The promise reads:
" I'm an American celebrating all Americans for their character and conduct- not color; creed or other distractions. We are one people under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all- period.  I promise to do my part to keep us united; while others try to divide us. "
This promise is timely given bitter conflict looming over the fiscal cliff; Obamacare and other contentious issues. We will be asked once again to divide along ethnic; economic; and political lines.
Whether we do is up to each individual. While honest differences are understandable, mob mentality should be avoided at all costs.
This American Unity Promise reflects what most of us already do: strengthen common ties that bind instead of tearing them asunder.
It's an alternative to a popular culture; government education system and civil rights organizations obsessed  with cementing differences, instead of eliminating them.
That's why I offer this American Unity Promise; Americana Week ( Dec 26th-Jan 1st ) and American History Month ( February ) as small attempts to correct liberal divisiveness.
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