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Friday, November 2, 2012

What Color Is Liberty?

American Blacks are taught by liberals to wield our past like a weapon against fellow Americans. Opposing real racism isn't the issue.
The heroism and constitutional valor of old school liberals like Charles Hamilton Houston and Thurgood Marshall sets the tone of my response to real racism as a de facto conservative.
We use the law and moral suasion to beat this serpent back into the civic hole it crawled out of.
They didn't spend their careers attacking every White person for the sins of a few.
Why should we, who never suffered Jim Crow, be so blindly embittered toward the good America offers, White folks included.
Race relations hinges precariously upon president Obama's re-election chances. I've heard rumors Left and Right about potential ghetto riots and military coups.   
We should resolve to be better Americans in the face of such historic uncertainty. 
Inner city Obama loyalists should carry Dr. King's non-violent standard to urban hot spots and remind them that whatever progress American Blacks have came through principled reform like his- not mob rule.
Patriots in the armed services should carry the constitution to their peers and remind them of their sacred duty to obey the orders of civilian authority- even if they don't like the current commander-in-chief.
We are not some banana republic where overthrowing government lurks whenever ranking military officers have too much time on their hands.   
We don't need the Hood nor service personnel waging war against America. Doing so means disloyalty to our country in her greatest hour of need.
I'm not saying be yes men. I am asking all of us, regardless of party, philosophy or pigment, to say, " Yes! " to the peaceful transfer of power which has made us the envy of the world.
Since race is the volatile variable in Election 2012 it's fair to ask:
What color is liberty?
Look in the mirror.  
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