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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Urban Males Often Criminalize Themselves!

Nadra Enzi: "Urban Males Often Criminalize Themselves"

Asserts the crime prevention advocate and moderate-conservative Republican blogger in Louisiana: " My role on the streets is showing them how 'racist' addictive and criminal behavior is against themselves. How do you impair reasoning; amass derogatory records and not expect an allegedly biased society to sanction you? You do the White Boogey Man's job by providing ample ammunition to use against you. If affected boys and men don't get out of this outcast mentality, we'll have to write them off."

He continues his commentary: " The only dependable program urban boys and men have is our behavior. Waiting for distant bureaucrats or philanthropists to rescue us is waiting in vain. All we control is our conduct. Obama doesn't have a magic remote control he can press to make life better. The foreseeable future looks challenging. Considering ourselves outcasts doesn't help matters. We are citizens whether people like it or not. We pay the same taxes and are held to the same rules as those some say hate us for color alone. Acting like outcasts throws you into the arms of addiction and state supervision. If society is as racist as liberal brothers claim, why do their job for them? Making peace with America starts with making peace within ourselves. You can't drink; drug and thug your way to freedom. I've seen to too many die who found out otherwise."

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