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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sonnie Johnson Is Why I Call Myself Conservative Instead of Traditionalist!


 I doggedly described myself as a traditionalist until I met Sonnie Johnson, whom I jokingly nicknamed, " the Black Ayn Rand ." 

Despite agreement with core values and most programs from majority population conservatism, my life long individualism stopped me from using the " C-Word" in reference to myself until we conversed at length.
Our common inner city background and her libertarian-conservatism gloriously illustrated Black folks in this movement without functioning as an Amen corner.  
The culture war within Black America will not be won alone from distant think tanks and political offices. The primary cultural counter offensive must come from our pulpits; homes; air waves etc, in order to be effective.
What Eastern European ideas did in the name of "liberation," American ones must now undo. Sonnie and those like her show Black traditionalist skeptics that conservatism is our tradition too.
I champion Old School Black ( and American! ) values of faith; family; patriotism; institution building and mutual aid because I'm old enough to have caught their swan song.
It shouldn't be lost that these values belong to all Americans and create much needed common ground to escape divisiveness.
I grew up seeing the good two parent house holds; Christianity and neighborhood businesses did for our community. 
Why wouldn't I want younger generations to enjoy the same stability? I'm even an early school choice benficiary since my public educator family choose to send me to Catholic school in the 70s and 80s,  long before vouchers were even an after thought 
I have no decent choice to promote values variously called " old school"; traditionalism or conservatism, since I benefited from it decades ago. 
Sonnie came out of the new world that all but consumed  the one I grew up in and is a standard bearer for Americanism from zip codes where other ideologies currently rule.
Our community is filled with traditionalists frankly to the social Right of many big name public conservatives who refuse to affiliate because of racial mistrust.
The more Sonnie Johnsons; Star Parkers; and Deneen Borellis who march out today's prevailing mindset the better. 
Women uniquely transit norms to children. The more conservative mothers we have, the better.
I always have to thank Sonnie for what she did. The conservative coalition has many faces and arises from many places. 
The paradigm has to change. 1960s style socialism is worse in many ways than the racist "Americanism" it replaced.
Values heroes like Sonnie are why I call myself conservative, instead of only traditionalist. Conservative sisters don't get their due from the American Black mainstream.
It's high time we changed that.
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