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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Defusing The Minority Male Criminal Mindset

Picture of Bloods & Crips
Minority males are often recruited for criminal or even terrorist activities. From America's ghettos to Gaza, disaffected young men of color are lured into violence against innocents in the name of retribution.
A common theme emerges- feeling like outcasts.
For American Black youth, race is the reason they feel like outcasts, Often growing up in low income, high crime areas, they can easily look at White peers as wealthy enemies.
Arab youth feel religion is the cause of percieved hardship at Israeli hands. They are encouraged to view Jews as not just enemies but also worthy of extermination.
No minority male is born to be a Blood; Crip or Hamas member. His country provided hotly contested bias which plotters used to manipulate children into becoming criminals and terrorists.
Images like these above are contested by minority males such as the President of the United States and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
Minority men and women serve at high levels here and in Israel but whisperers urge youth to dismiss evidence to the contrary about exclusion.
This Thanksgiving offers several salient points to be thankful about:
*Minority males here aren't using rocket launchers on the authorities.
*Inner city neighborhoods aren't subjected to airstrikes as preamble to tank columns and combat troops. 
Look at Gaza, and whether you're liberal or conservative, tell me you don't say, " Thank God it's not here! "  
America has major racial; class and political problems- no doubt about it. The fact that our imperfect system perfected itself to allow a Clarence Thomas or Barack Obama to enter leadership proves there's hope.
Defusing the American minority male criminal mindset requires latter day runaway slaves and White abolitionists to preach personal responsibility and mutual aid louder than predatory responses and mutually assured destruction in the inner city.
Too many minority male youth feel they're outcasts and thus fall into the trap of acting like savages to the accompaniment of peers doing the same.
Look at what's going on in Israel and ask yourself, shouldn't Americans of all colors be thankful our issues don't become that intense? 
American petty criminals and gang bangers should also be thankful they live in a country that offers them chance and after chance to reform.
Be thankful American family, and let's work harder to change minority male mindsets so our streets don't literally become battle fields one day.
My prayers go to the the Israeli people and those in Gaza held hostage by thugs.
My prayers also go to innocents imprisoned behind burglar bars in the American inner city.
Responsible men here and abroad must defuse many more minority male minds because headlines indicate the wrong mindset appears to be winning! 
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