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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Witching Hour of Election 2012!

Pictures of Obama Stares During Debate

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The witching hour of Election 2012 draws nigh.
I called Ringside Politics With A Punch radio show today describing how Democrats must demonize Romney to cover Obama's lack of an economic record worth defending.
His campaign even has children singing propaganda about alleged Romney evil. This is designed to whip bleeding hearts into a frenzy over youth they " help" by denying them school choice and adequate protection from local chocolate Klansmen and pervasive thug culture.
Promising four more miserable years would have him run out of DC- possibly even by his most brain dead acolytes. 
They will, however, ignore obvious pain if presented yet another evil White male Republican to blame.
US Senator John McCain, a national and personal hero, suffered that portrayal last cycle, Now it's Mitt Romney's turn to be the racist boogey man.
The latest spin is Romney as war monger, intent on attacking some unstated Mideast nation,The more informed cite Iran as the target. 
This would still demonstrate more follow through than the president tragically showed in Benghazi.
His Black followers with low self-worth need Obama back in the White House to feel whole. They bought White supremacist propaganda about not being American and view Obama as a passport to legitimacy.
Their arguments center more around alleged White Republican wrong than anything right their candidate has done to merit another term.
His Black supporters with high self-worth, like Colin Powell, are top tier social liberals  who approve of his platform and its promise to help America.
This group includes some of Black America's best human capital. While I bitterly disagree, I at least give them credit where credit is due.
Black folks of Powell's generation and older see Obama through Jim Crow traumatic lens and thus he's canonized as divine proof they finally beat American apartheid.
As such, they could no more deny him than they could Jesus, since this lens is also a liberal Christian one.
Democrats pushed every progressive group button: Latinos; homosexuals, women; unions; donors; leftist nations and, in the witching hour, forgotten American Blacks to craft coalitions impervious to Obama's epic shortcomings. 
I already early voted for Romney so I've done the most important part of my civic duty. 
I was American before Obama. I'll be American after Obama.
Same goes for being Black. My folks were two Southerners, I grew up in Georgia, home to Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad; US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and US Representative Allen West.
That background doesn't change with presidential administrations.
As an individual, instead of a lemming group member I asses Obama as simply another man, instead of some symbol of everyone like me.
That's what I'm thinking during the witching hour of Election 2012. 
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