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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nola Knockout Game Attacks With Baseball Bats

Baseball bats are used to attack Esplanade Avenue bicyclists, New Orleans police say

Those who doubt the validity of ( mostly conservative ) Knockout "Game" Attack concerns, should look closely at this latest criminal trend in besieged New Orleans.

Attacking bicyclists with baseball bats for no apparent reason sums up just how profoundly unsafe this and other urban centers have become.

A fractured skull, jaw and damaged teeth, not to mention psychological trauma, are the toll thus far.

This tells me just how targeted we, the law abiding of all colors, have become in cities with too few police and worse, too little personal responsibility.

Do we defend ourselves.. or simply continue getting bashed until we die?!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Keep BLA Cop Killers Behind Bars!

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Ex-militants who admit killing NY cops seek parole
This pair, Herman Bell and Anthony Bottom, finally admitted to the 1971 killing of two NYPD officers in hopes of parole, NOT remorse!
Their membership in the ultra violent Black Liberation Army, which considered the original Black Panther Party too tame, is reason enough to doubt their sincerity. 
Today's young Black men should examine this pair as examples of how NOT to respond to injustice!
Cop killers aren't "political prisoners" and can't be called civil rights activists.
If they'll kill police officers, that tells you what they would do to the rest of us!
Keep these cop killers behind bars where they belong!
Please note murdered Officer Waverly Jones was Black, but not enough for these guys!
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dont Eush To Judgment In Nola Police Shooting

NOPD officer fatally shot Hollygrove man, Superintendent Ronal Serpas says  
Folks, let's wait until all the facts are in before battle lines are drawn.
A New Orleans police officer shot and killed someone today, who was alleged to have a .45 caliber pistol during a reported shop lifting. 
That's roughly all we, the general public, know.
Regardless of how this case develops, we still need to unite with this police department in making our unsafe city more secure.
Otherwise, expect even more to quit the force than are already!
Nadra Enzi, anti crime activist

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Make Peace With America!: My Safety Strategy


 Photo of FREE SHAJI

Make peace with America brothers.

Dumping 400 years of un-avenged baggage on people's heads creates headaches- NOT head way.
We cant undo past evil.

We can unleash present good.

Making peace with America isn't making excuses for her shortcomings.

Making peace means replacing rage with reflection and criticism with citizenship.

Our country needs Black men too strong to hate... and too kind not to offer help.

Patriotic American men while Black reduce membership in gangs, foreign and domestic looking for disgruntled recruits.

Such men are the answer to spiraling inner city murder rates as they change cultures from within.

Brother, are you man enough to make peace with America?





My 9/11 Plea To Black Muslims

Planes Strike the Twin Towers


Imagine Black America Under Muslim Brotherhood Control?

US ambassador to Libya, 3 staff killed in rocket attack


Brothers & Badges Together!








Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dunn Deal: Michael Dunn Gets Attempted 2nd Degree Murder

On Saturday, a Jacksonville, FL jury found Michael Dunn guilty of three counts of attempted second degree murder & a count of firing into an occupied car, in the death of Jordan Davis, after a dispute over loud music from he and his companions vehicle.

Lurking not too far beneath the surface ( for some ) was whether a White man could be punished for killing a young Black man under a thin set of  circumstances to say the least!

The " Every White Man Is Out To Kill Blacks! " constituency won't be pleased with anything less than summary execution, but they're a notoriously hard crowd to please.

More moderate observers won't be too pleased either and will ask why first degree murder wasn't the jury's conclusion? The declared mistrial on this count is this is sure to be hotly debated for some time to come.

The US Justice Department may want to put its hotline operators on overtime because a lot of calls will likely be inbound. 

I wonder whether the flames of this tragedy will be fanned into another racially divisive media conflagration ala' the Trayvon Martin case?

One element of the Dunn case I pondered was how these episodes of lethal, random violence barely rate 30 seconds on air or much print space when assailant and victim are both Black.

While carnivorous daily homicide & violence shouldn't take a back seat to occasional outside assailants, American Blacks should ask would so much attention have been paid were the defendant Black?

While this phase of the case is a done deal, the larger issue of our daily attrition rate still demands center stage.  

On a related note, as a citizen on patrol in high crime areas for 20 years, I know being a private citizen using deadly force can easily lead to imprisonment.

Regardless of your color, you'd better make sure your actions exceed the letter of the law, with ample evidence to support you.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black The Hood Conservative is an anti crime activist in New Orleans.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Holder Pleads Voting Rights For Hold Up Men & Crack Dealers

Eric Holder is the Attorney-General of the United States, arguably our number one crime fighter.

Continuing a departure from this role, he recently said felons essentially shouldn't lose voting rights as part of their punishment.

This appeal to states overseeing this issue is his latest salvo, along with president Obama, in championing crack dealers, whose utter destruction of the inner city is called, " victimless " by liberals, in both parties. 

They feel this class of criminal has been racially discriminated against and are moving heaven and earth on their behalf!

He aired this recommendation during a speech at the Georgetown University Law Center, despite numerous states having procedures to restore voting rights.

My view is pretty cut and dried: serious crime deserves serious sanctions.

Trotting out post-Civil War voter suppression schemes by Southern Democrats doesn't move me.

I grew up within and became an anti crime activist in a crack-destroyed inner city community. My suggestion to prospective Black male felons is pick a state with lenient voting rights restoration policies before crying injustice.

Having seen this hell on earth first hand for decades, I feel losing your voting rights for awhile after incarceration, is a small price to pay in exchange for what you've inflicted upon those who can't afford private security, lobbyists or, in the case of retirees & broke younger adults, relocation expenses to escape your chaos.

Shame is something I don't hear anymore in crime discussions. Black men who poisoned low income communities and used them as free fire zones, should feel ashamed of themselves.

Lowering the bar for us to subterranean levels only confirms the low opinion held by those doing so. 

If shame can't occur independently, then serious sanctions help remind felons of the severity of their crimes.

Losing civil rights others died to have recognized is fair considering how crack dealers destroyed much of the legacy of the 1960s.

For the record, I'm not opposed to felons getting voting rights restored after proving rehabilitation.

The tragic fine print in this scenario is the same inner city folks who become crack dealers, whom liberals in  both parties are courting, don't vote.

Inner city polling places are routinely closed because of chronically low turn out. The electoral process isn't a major concern in these zip codes.

I know Obama Democrats and Rand Paul Republicans envision grateful felons lavishing newly restored voting rights upon their respective parties but sadly, this demographic doesn't actively go to the touch screen!

I think the Attorney General is pleading voting rights for hold up men and crack dealers more to massage liberal sentiments ( and compete with Rand Paul ), than unshackling folks who chained themselves by committing felony offenses.

While not opposed to felons voting after proving rehabilitation, I strongly feel serious crime deserves serious sanctions.  

We're better served trying to reenergize registered non-felon voters who barely visit the polls!

Cap Black On Arise America ( 18:57 ) discussing Eric Holder's call for felon voting rights 
NOTE: Here's a regrettably hyper profane but painfully honest account of "life" in the inner city liberals say experiences "victimless" drug crime!
Dopeman by NWA

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nagin Trial Prompts Latest Blameless Black Stanza

Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, of " Chocolate City " fame, has been found guilty today on 20 of 21 counts after a closely covered federal corruption trial.

I've already heard and stoically prepare to hear even more stanzas of the song, " Exempt Black Criminals," loudly sung after high profile Blacks are prosecuted.

This has baffled me for years, particularly because if America and all political sub-divisions are as racist as many Blacks think, WHY engage in crime? 

Doesn't breaking the law gift wrap us for express delivery to a criminal justice system thought to be racist?

I've always failed to make that connection in the past when presented this argument and today isn't any different.

The real question is how do we govern ourselves so that we don't find ourselves in these  situations?

No defense attorney can take commonly discussed excuses like slavery & selective prosecution, for example, and offer these to a judge.

We don't control the institutions surrounding us, just like a lot of lower income folks of other colors too.

Since we don't have lobbyists and aren't privy to backdoor deals, it seems the best bet is not to get into trouble. This seems not only the moral ,but also the smart thing to do.

I know that sounds terribly corny to the blameless Black crowd, but these scenarios always serve as ( for some ) painful teaching moments.

We can't keep blaming White folks for crime we freely choose to commit. The higher up the food chain we go, the more these trials will be publicized.

Some will say the Nagin case is proof Black mayors are inherently corrupt. It's hard for me to buy that one since I type this blog-post in Louisiana, where a whole lot of White politicians and paymasters are perp walked to prison.

In 2014, some American Blacks must accept that our past doesn't exempt us from being held accountable for our actions in the present.

If anything, conceding to the possibility of institutional bias, we have even more incentive to be law abiding because we don't get the breaks others do.

Exempting Black criminals because of real or imagined racism only cheapens our lives and promises more scenes like today.

An old school warning always echoes in my mind during these times, " You can't beat the devil doing wrong. "